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Modern Healthcare

"Lifespan and its affiliate hospitals are long-time subscribers to Modern Healthcare magazine. We also provide subscriptions for our board members to keep them informed on healthcare news and issues. In addition, our executive team receives the Daily Dose and Alerts, which are most helpful in keeping current in this business climate."

George A. Vecchione, President & CEO

Lifespan, Providence, RI

"We chose to advertise in Modern Healthcare because it has the best circulation among hospital executives. We did so after carefully reviewing all other publications and as a result, quickly built brand awareness and credibility. We continue to receive calls and generate new business as our ads appear in Modern Healthcare -- now that's results!"

David M. Shade, Managing Director

Wellspring Partners, A Huron Consulting Group Practice

"As a fairly new CEO coming from a nursing background, I find Modern Healthcare to be an essential tool to manage my hospital. It is valuable enough that I read it front to back. The financial and management content has helped me tremendously in my day-to-day operations. Of all the magazines I get each month, it is the first one I read."

Fran Chilek, RN, CEO,

Connally Memorial Medical Center, Floresville, TX

"Thank you for the great Nov. 26th issue with the presidential candidate commentaries on healthcare reform. This is a very important way to understand the candidates' platforms on the topic, much more informative than a 60-second monologue during a televised debate. I sincerely appreciate the effort that went into this."

Nicole Robinson, Marketing Coordinator

Loebl Schlossman & Hackl

"I have read Modern Healthcare for at least 20 years, and read the Daily Dose since it's inception. Both are "must" reading for any health care professional. I encourage my MHA students to read Daily Dose, to keep them current on new developments in the field, and because it's likely a Florida entity will be featured at some point. Florida's health care scene, for better or worse, is of national interest, because of the large aging population, the mix of for profit and non profit providers, and it's role as a swing state in the election of the President.

Our Public Policy class will be held during the Spring semester, beginning in January, and the 2008 campaign will be in full swing. The 2008 Campaign guide will be an indispensable tool for the students to track the campaign developments, and to more fully understand the policy positions of the leading candidates."

Michael O. Bice, Adjunct Professor

Department of Health Services Research Management and Policy

College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida

"Modern Healthcare lets me see what my peers are doing, the challenges they face, as well as how they deal with those challenges. It’s this type of information that helps me make the most informed business decisions for my organization."

Jack O. Bovender, Jr., Chairman and CEO

HCA, Nashville, TN

"Like many healthcare executives, I am a long-time subscriber to Modern Healthcare and read the Daily Dose and I find these to be credible sources of healthcare business news and information about medical technology."

Douglas D. Hawthorne, FACHE, President and CEO

Texas Health Resources, Arlington, TX

"Modern Healthcare is a must-read publication. As the president and CEO of a large, regional integrated system, I need a publication that delivers both national and regional news. Modern Healthcare does so in a fair and timely manner, which is what sets it apart from others and is why I read it regularly."

Chris Van Gorder, President & CEO

Scripps Health

"I read Modern Healthcare as soon as it arrives every week. It’s the best publication in healthcare. It keeps me abreast of everything going on in healthcare – from who’s doing what in different parts of the country to trends and ideas that I can tailor to fit the needs of my organization. I think it’s important for all senior executives to be reading Modern Healthcare, as it is the most comprehensive source of healthcare business news and information in the industry."

Edward Murphy, President & CEO

Carillion Health System

"I read Modern Healthcare because it is a highly trusted source of healthcare business news. It keeps me up to date on trends, as well as the latest products and services from the vendor community. Modern Healthcare offers the type of comprehensive information that I find critically important when making business decisions that support the needs of my hospital system."

George T. Hickman, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, Senior Vice President and CIO

Albany Medical Center - NY

"Of the many trade publications that come across my desk, Modern Healthcare is the only one I read regularly. I read it because it keeps me informed about current industry issues. No other journal provides the same timely, in-depth industry overview I find in Modern Healthcare. For healthcare executives, Modern Healthcare is a must read!"

Robert Brock, CFO

Marymount Medical Center, London, KY

"Like other CIOs, I read Modern Healthcare because it gives me a well-rounded view of what's happening in healthcare each week. It's an easy-to-read, go-to publication for any executive in healthcare. It provides news that is credible, timely and accurate."

Stephanie L. Reel, Chief Information Officer

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD

"I believe Modern Healthcare has the market cornered regarding breaking healthcare news."

Arthur Smith, FHIMSS


Hemacs, Inc.

Overland Park, KS

"I’ve been a subscriber to Modern Healthcare for many years because it’s an excellent way to stay abreast of what’s happening in healthcare. It provides valuable national, regional and local news and information that may impact the direction of healthcare delivery issues in my area. Modern Healthcare provides timely news that one might not come across in other publications. Modern Healthcare serves as an invaluable source of healthcare information for any elected official or individual serving on healthcare-related board or other leadership positions."

Senator Arnie Hauge, Republican

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"I rely on Modern Healthcare to help me better run my organization. I feel it’s important for executives to read Modern Healthcare in order to keep abreast and informed of changes; to increase their knowledge base and to gather new ideas of what’s working or not working in healthcare."

Kathy Tagnesi, BSN, MA, Vice President of Nursing

Winchester Medical Center Valley Health, Winchester, VA

Daily Dose

“As a healthcare executive and member of the American College of Healthcare Executives I have read and appreciated Modern Healthcare for years. Plus, the Daily Dose keeps me informed on a daily basis even when I am short of time to be able to read complete articles.”

Wm. Boyd Kleefisch, FACHE

Chief Operating Officer

New Mexico Medical Review Association

"I read the Daily Dose every day because it's a quick way to keep abreast of major news stories in the industry and provides an easy access point to Modern Healthcare for additional stories. The format is one of the best I've seen for electronic news."

Sue Schade, CIO

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

"As a CFO, I value the news and information provided by the Daily Dose and Modern Healthcare. I read these publications because they cover issues that have a direct impact on rural hospitals like mine and provide information that helps me make the most informed business decisions."

David K. McCartney, CFO, Wetzel County Hospital

New Martinsville, WV

"I have to keep up with all the trends in healthcare - which is difficult to do unless someone else is digesting the news and putting it in an easy-to-use format. The Daily Dose does just that. I can get all the information I need - practical information that I can put to use everyday in my current work - in just minutes a day."

Keith Van de Castly, MD, MBA, MPH, Medical Director

Patient Edu, Summertown, TN

"Why do I read Modern Healthcare and the Daily Dose? TRENDS!"

David H. Smith, President

Kearny Street Consulting, Alpharetta, GA

"Healthcare is a rapidly changing environment. The Daily Dose is a very valuable eResource, which helps me as a hospital trustee remain current in the healthcare industry...the Daily Dose is truly a valuable educational tool for hospital trustees."

Lanny A. Kope, EdD, Trustee, Sierra Vista Regional Health Center

Sierra Vista, AZ

"I eagerly anticipate reading the Daily Dose each weekday because it's one of the best ways to keep current on the latest happenings in healthcare."

Stanley M. Grube, FACHE, President/CEO

Morris, Marion Associates, Inc.

" provides cutting-edge information in a concise and well-organized fashion, which helps you keep your finger on the pulse of a very dynamic and challenging industry."

David Wallace, CEO, Brown County General Hospital

Georgetown, OH

"I use because it’s a great resource and very convenient. Whenever in need of healthcare information, I can easily turn to to get what I need."

Pamela J. Johnson, MBA, BS RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Mesquite Community Hospital, Mesquite, TX

"Like many healthcare executives, I am a long-time subscriber to Modern Healthcare and read the Daily Dose and I find these to be credible sources of healthcare business news and information about medical technology."

Douglas D. Hawthorne, FACHE, President and CEO

Texas Health Resources, Arlington, TX

"I would like to commend you for the informative audio-cast featuring Wayne Sensor, CEO of Alegent Health. His comments were inspirational and enlightening to those of us in healthcare dedicated to empowering consumers through technology. We appreciate the insights shared by way of this excellent audio-cast."

Carol R. Selvey, MHSA, FHIMSS, Principal, Healthcare

The Revere Group

By the Numbers

"...It is a valuable resource for the new generation of health leadership."

Andrew Greene, Chief Executive Officer

Adj. Assoc. Professor, UMDNJ - School of Public Health

"I’m mighty impressed with this year’s "By the Numbers." Interesting data, very clearly laid out. The strong advertising support shows the respect your project has among the readers and advertisers. What a keeper."

Donald E. L. Johnson, Editor and Publisher

Health Care Strategic Management

HITS Testimonials

"I travel the world with my Blackberry. When the HITS daily email appears, I read it instantly to understand each day's important healthcare IT current events."

John D. Halamka, MD, CIO, CareGroup Health System

CIO, Harvard Medical School

Advertiser Testimonials

"Modern Healthcare is the bible of the industry. It's the publication healthcare professionals turn to for information, and therefore it's the publication to be noticed in! Through our own research we found that it didn't matter if a reader was only interested in a certain segment of the industry. Executives turned to Modern Healthcare as the industry standard, in addition to a niche publication that addressed the specific issues facing their sector. Based on this research we decided to double our advertising in Modern Healthcare and hit our target audience more frequently. As a result, we were able to put our newly-formed business on the map and increase our awareness to nearly 100%!"

Leslie Krohn, Vice President of Communications

GE Healthcare Financial Services

"Modern Healthcare always finds its way to the top of my inbox, so I know it helps me get my message in front of the right people. As the nation's largest provider of hospital-based clinical outsourcing, it's important for TeamHealth to find a way of cutting through the clutter to get to our busy target audiences - the hospital C-suite. Modern Healthcare helps us do that."

Lynn Massingale, MD, FACEP, Chairman

Chief Executive Officer, TeamHealth

"As a former Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital, I know firsthand that Modern Healthcare is relied upon for industry news and information. We chose to advertise in Modern Healthcare's Classified section because of this, and as a result, we've generated enough new business to more than offset the advertising expense."

Barbara DiBenedetto, RN, MS, Senior Associate


"In 2001, when I started my new position with Medical Doctor Associates (MDA) as VP of Marketing I immediately said, 'We need to be advertising in Modern Healthcare.' My reason was based on my experience calling on CEOs and Administrators of hospitals nationwide. I have never been in the office of a hospital CEO/Administrator that Modern Healthcare wasn't in sight. That is the publication they turn to for healthcare news. One Administrator told me, 'When I want to know what is going on in healthcare, I read Modern Healthcare.' I want MDA represented in a publication that has such a broad and loyal readership."

Gloria Parrish, VP Marketing

Medical Doctor Associates

"Modern Healthcare is the publication we recommend for clients looking to gain exposure among key healthcare executives, like CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. Modern Healthcare provides our clients with excellent opportunities to increase awareness and sales among their most important audience - decision makers!"

Silas Deane, President & CEO

Logic Media Group

"As a marketing communications firm with long-standing healthcare clients, our relationship to the editorial and advertising department of Modern Healthcare has been consistently excellent. Both departments conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards. The ads we have placed in Modern Healthcare have helped to take our client's recognition to new levels. Additionally, Modern Healthcare's targeted subscriber list and online capabilities allow us to track the magazine as one of our most successful healthcare media outlets."

Karolyn Raphael, President

Winger and Associates, Chicago, IL

"Christina Casagrande and the Modern Healthcare team not only went above and beyond when it came to customer service, but consistently made the extra effort to understand our client's business goals. This facilitated an ideal team work environment that helped everyone involved be successful. The campaigns for our client generated higher (nearly triple) industry benchmarks for impressions/views and ultimately brand awareness."

Karen See, CEO

Abovo Group, Atlanta, GA

"Our online advertising campaign with has resulted in significant ROI, including a sizeable increase in web traffic. The fact that we can see the results of our advertising in real traffic, including closed business, is why we chose the online approach. I would definitely recommend for those looking to make an impact in the healthcare market."

John Brooke, General Manager

Billian's HealthDATA, Atlanta, GA


“Your webinar, ‘The Search for Meaning and Money in Meaningful Use’ was very informative. I attended it along with a number of colleagues and we all found the presentation educational and enlightening.”

Wm. Boyd Kleefisch, FACHE

Chief Operating Officer

New Mexico Medical Review Association

"Your webinar was outstanding and very worthwhile. You had great content and excellent speakers."

Maryann B. Anderson, MPH, RHIA

Professor, Health Information Technology

Dept. Head, Allied Health Dept., Allegheny Campus

“The Modern Healthcare webcast I just recently attended was not just valuable data, but the exact research I needed for our company and our clients. This was my first…my first of many webcasts that I will be attending. I will surely inform others and have already placed on my calendar your next one!”

Dr. Craig Berko

Vice President of Marketing


“I find your webcasts to be a unique source of healthcare information. They provide a valuable opportunity for attendees to interact with and talk to your expert panelists – industry leaders we might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so with.”

Cindy Wilke

Office of Strategy and Innovation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

"I found the webinar ‘Fulfilling the Promise of Biotechnology’ to be an excellent overview of the important role a community hospital can play in bringing personalized medicine to those in their communities. It gave me a glimpse into the future of medicine now that we have knowledge of the human genome, and the two speakers were well prepared and gave practical examples of how patients can benefit from this new area of medicine and science."

Donna M. O'Brien


Community Healthcare Strategies

Advertising Opportunities

For information on advertising or sponsorships, please contact your Modern Healthcare account executive or Ilana Klein, national advertising sales director at or 312.649.5311.


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