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GOP leaders lure Murkowski on repeal, while details of final bill remain uncertain

Senate GOP leaders reportedly are crafting a revised version of the Graham-Cassidy bill to make it more attractive to Sen. Lisa Murkowski in terms of funding for Alaska. But the Senate parliamentarian could knock out its central feature.


10 ways the newest ACA repeal bill is harsher than the previous GOP bill

The new Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could reduce funding, coverage and consumer protections even more sharply than the GOP's previous repeal bill.

CDC memo doesn't bode well for federal government transparency

An internal memo to staff at the CDC instructed them to limit communication with the news media, indicative of a concerning trend of reduced transparency among federal agencies.


Texas hospitals were the setting for dramatic scenes during Hurricane Harvey

Hospitals in Texas were among the larger institutions affected by Hurricane Harvey, as can be seen from a sampling of photos captured on Twitter.


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