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Modern Healthcare wins two Neal Awards

Modern Healthcare is honored to announce its staff won two Neal Awards on Friday, the 63rd year of the prestigious business-to-business editorial awards.


How not to fix Obamacare's problems

Sharp disagreement about the right and wrong ways to improve the ACA-based system likely will block corrective action from gaining traction any time soon.


Vital Signs: Who won and lost in the battle to repeal Obamacare

The move to pull a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act received both cheers and jeers from the public, politicians and pundits.


Vital Signs: 7 Easter eggs in the GOP's tweaked Obamacare repeal plan

House Republican leaders have released changes to their healthcare reform bill that seek to please both conservative and moderate members of their party.


Vital Signs: Why health hiring is slowing as health spending is growing

The super-hot rate of healthcare job growth has started to abate after hospitals and health providers have staffed up since 2013 to care for 20 million newly insured people under the Affordable Care Act. The same can't be said for health spending.

Vital Signs: Fact-checking the GOP claim that care won't suffer if people lose coverage

Top Republicans are arguing that it doesn't matter if the Congressional Budget Office finds that millions fewer Americans will have health coverage under their Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill. Providers and experts say it matters a lot.


What's in the Obamacare replacement bill, anyway? 13 things to know about the ACA repeal bill

House Republicans released a bill on March 6 that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The 123-page bill, named the American Health Care Act, includes major changes to healthcare in the nation. Here's a rundown of some key components of the law to track as markups take place this week.


Vital Signs: Lieber reflects at his last HIMSS show

Looking back, one thing that continued to amaze H. Stephen Lieber has been the steady influx of innovators trying their hand at health information technology.

Vital Signs: Report reveals device tax killed 28,000 jobs, and could kill 25,000 more

Devicemakers have long complained that their business has been harmed by an excise tax placed on their devices by the ACA. A think tank has now crunched the numbers on how the tax affected U.S. jobs.


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