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Vital Signs: FDA warns providers about MRI interference with implantable pumps

The Food and Drug Administration is reminding providers to take precautions when conducting MRI studies of patients with implantable infusion pumps because of the potential for magnetic interference with the devices.


GOP scrambles for replacement plan as industry groups seek repeal of ACA taxes

As Donald Trump starts his first week as president, how he and congressional Republicans plan to proceed on their first priority of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act remains a mystery—even to Republicans.


Vital Signs: How America's youth is key to fixing the sad state of cybersecurity

In 2016, there were 106 major healthcare data breaches attributed to hackers. Those breaches exposed 13.5 million individuals' records. The average cost to a healthcare organization for loss of a single record was $402. Doing the math, that's $2.8 billion spent on those hacking incidents alone.


Health law sleepers: six surprising health items that could disappear with ACA repeal

The outcome of the repeal-and-replace debate could affect more than one might think, depending on exactly how the GOP congressional majority pursues its goal to do away with Obamacare.

Vital Signs: Tennessee health plan may foreshadow the post-ACA future

A Tennessee company is selling full-year policies that dispense with a cornerstone of the ACA – its ban on insurers considering customers' pre-existing medical conditions in deciding whether and how to cover them.


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