The Medicus Firm

Partners (left to right) Bob Collins, Steve Marsh and Jim Stone

The Medicus Firm

Overall rank: 54

Supplier rank: 33

Location: Dallas, Texas


Top Executive: James Stone, President

Employees: 73

Years on list: 3

Average salary, exempt employees: $75,000

Average salary, non-exempt employees: $37,000

Is telecommuniting an option? No

Are domestic partner benefits offered? Yes

Average annual training/development hours per employee? 48

Voluntary turnover in most recent fiscal year? 13

Paid time off for community service/volunteer work? Yes

A communications tool or practice:

An open-door policy is always in effect at every level of the organization, including the president and managing partners. Also, an internal instant messaging system and direct extensions facilitate communication between offices.

One way the company relieves stress:

Basketballs, soccer balls, Hula-Hoops, and other game/fun-orientated objects are always around the office. This type of stress relief definitely breaks up the monotony of being on the phone.


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