Stillwater Medical Center

Employees collect and distribute tornado relief supplies.

Stillwater Medical Center

Overall rank: 83

Provider/insurer rank: 35

Location: Stillwater, Okla.


Top Executive: Jerry Moeller, President and CEO

Employees: 1089

Years on list: 3

Average salary, exempt employees: $83,511

Average salary, non-exempt employees: $40,764

Is telecommuniting an option? No

Are domestic partner benefits offered? No

Average annual training/development hours per employee? 30

Voluntary turnover in most recent fiscal year? 17

Paid time off for community service/volunteer work? No

A communications tool or practice:

Direct Line to the CEO. Forms and drop boxes allow employees patients and visitors to submit comments, complaints, suggestions, compliments and the CEO and other senior executives take action on issues cited.

One way the company relieves stress:

The annual Hospital Wek includes daily celebrations with activities including a picnic, movies, ice cream floats, gifts and more.


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