Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center

Employees are honored for their contributions at the Golden Apple celebrations.

Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center

Overall rank: 48

Provider/insurer rank: 20

Location: Chanute, Kan.


Top Executive: Dennis Franks, CEO

Employees: 336

Years on list: 6

Average salary, exempt employees: $96,500

Average salary, non-exempt employees: $40,549.44

Is telecommuniting an option? No

Are domestic partner benefits offered? No

Average annual training/development hours per employee? 16

Voluntary turnover in most recent fiscal year? 12

Paid time off for community service/volunteer work? No

A communications tool or practice:

Managers and supervisors are required to perform monthly rounding with employees. These one-on-one meetings encourage dialogue and help ensure employees have what they need to do their jobs well. It also offers the opportunity to praise co-workers.

One way the company relieves stress:

Every Monday, the cafe puts a basket of snack-size M&Ms out for employees to enjoy for free. The weekly treat has been dubbed M&M Mondays. On Friday's, the popcorn machine is opened at 2 p.m. for an end-of-week treat.


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