Lovelace Women's Hospital

Dr. Mario Leyba (left) participates in the Day of Dance to promote women's heart health.

Lovelace Women's Hospital

Overall rank: 4

Provider/insurer rank: 2

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Top Executive: Sheri Milone, CEO

Employees: 536

Years on list: 6

Average salary, exempt employees: $89,000

Average salary, non-exempt employees: $60,900

Is telecommuniting an option? Yes

Are domestic partner benefits offered? Yes

Average annual training/development hours per employee? 48

Voluntary turnover in most recent fiscal year? 11

Paid time off for community service/volunteer work? Yes

A communications tool or practice:

Communication boards are available on all floors with monthly reminders. Newsletters also help keep staff informed.

One way the company relieves stress:

Employee barbeques with games and activities to promote achievement milestones


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