Henry County Hospital

Employees unwind with collegues during a balloon frenzy break.

Henry County Hospital

Overall rank: 44

Provider/insurer rank: 17

Location: Napoleon, Ohio


Top Executive: Kim Bordenkircher, CEO

Employees: 216

Years on list: 5

Average salary, exempt employees: $85,072

Average salary, non-exempt employees: $45,510

Is telecommuniting an option? No

Are domestic partner benefits offered? Yes

Average annual training/development hours per employee? 39

Voluntary turnover in most recent fiscal year? 13

Paid time off for community service/volunteer work? No

A communications tool or practice:

Hospital leadership rounds with employees consistently. Administrative team members round each week and weekend to ensure that all staff has an opportunity to dialog and ensure their issues are known. All leadership staff are required to round with their staff at least monthly. The staff is asked the following five questions: 1. What is working well today? 2. What equipment needs do you have? 3. Are there any staff that deserves some additional recognition today? 4. Are there any physicians I can recognize? 5. Is there anything else that you want me to be aware of or know?

One way the company relieves stress:

The Celebration and Recognition Team hosts numerous fun and stress-relieving activities every year. The focus is to celebrate successes and recognize staff. Events have included a frisbee toss, and Wii competitions this year. The team also hosted a 4-you brunch, giving away four free brunch items to each staff member.


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