Class of 2024 - Coming Soon!

Modern Healthcare's Innovators Awards & recognition program recognizes leaders and organizations driving innovation that improves care, achieves measurable results and contributes to the clinical and financial goals of the organization.

Successful innovation in healthcare requires great teams and organizations that can move a good idea from a whiteboard, through product development, testing and marketing, to introduction and success. The best ideas address untapped needs or find new ways of tackling longtime challenges – benefiting the consumer, the care teams and the organizations involved. Profitability also needs to be a goal.

Key Dates & Deadlines
December 4, 2023 - Nominations opened
February 12, 2024 - Nominations closed at 11:59 p.m. PT (there will not be an extension)
April 8, 2024 - Honorees published online and in MH magazine



• Open to a director or above in a provider organization (hospital, health system, clinic or physician group or other type of provider) or insurer. We realize that organizations have varying title structures. Please use this as a guide when determining if your candidate qualifies.

• Researchers and public policy officials are eligible, but nominations must reflect real-world impact of their work.

• Suppliers/vendors are eligible.

Judging Criteria
Nominations will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:

• Specific initiatives the nominee has launched to address a community health need, streamline consumer or patient access to services, boost organizational quality of safety metrics or improve the organization's financial performance

• Specific steps the nominee has taken to advance a culture of innovation at their organization, or across the healthcare industry as a whole

• Nominations for the most innovative organizations should include a description of how a team or organization came together to be innovative, if there was a particular project involved and the quantifiable clinical/financial results

All nominations must be submitted online by the deadline. Answers to each question are limited to 150 words.

Required Materials/Documentation
A current resume and headshot are required for submission. Supporting documents are encouraged but not required. Up to five supporting documents may be uploaded to the online application. Supporting documents may consist of letters of recommendation, articles in which the nominee has been featured, etc.

To submit a name for consideration, there is a nomination fee of $200, which must be paid upon submission. Modern Healthcare editors will select the honorees. Payment does not guarantee selection. Multiple nominations for one individual or organization do not influence the process.

Interested in advertising in Modern Healthcare's Innovators published issue? Please contact your Modern Healthcare Account Executive at 312.649.5311 to learn more.

If you have questions about the program, including the criteria, nomination and selection process, or deadline, please contact [email protected].

Who selects the honorees for this program?

Modern Healthcare’s editorial staff will select the honorees based on the judging criteria provided above.

Can I nominate my organization?
Yes, the Innovators Awards now include a category for innovative organizations in addition to a category for individual leaders.


Can I nominate more than one person from my organization?

Yes, you may nominate multiple individuals from your organization, or submit nominations in both the organization and individual categories. Each individual or organization you choose to nominate requires a separate submission process and a separate nomination fee of $200.

Will multiple nominations for the same person or organization influence the selection process?

No, multiple nominations for the same person or organization will not influence the selection process in any way.

When will the honorees be notified?

The honorees will be notified of their selection on Wednesday, March 11, 2024. The notification will include an embargoed press release template and information regarding licensing, congratulatory ads, awards and certificates.

Will I be notified if the person or organization I nominated is not selected as an honoree?

No, we will not notify those who are not selected as honorees.