Mergers & Acquisitions


Aggregated from 2012-2016. Lists all deals announced each quarter in four different healthcare industry sectors — insurers, pharma and biotech, providers, and vendors. Allows users to locate deals according to buyer or target, sector, location, deal type and deal value if available; by quarter, year.

Source: Modern Healthcare reporting


Tips for a successful search:

  • Want to know if a particular organization has been on an acquisition binge? Simply begin typing its name in the Acquirer box and a dropdown menu of names will appear. Hit Search and all deals for the past four years will appear.
  • Interested in Provider deals only for a particular quarter? Choose a year, then pick which quarter from that year you'd like to see. Hit search. Want to see the entire year? Leave the quarter field at All.
  • Only want to know about Joint Ventures? Choose that option from the Deal Type dropdown menu.