Health Systems Financials Database (Annual)


Key financial metrics for hospital systems identified by Modern Healthcare that provide important context to the performance of individual facilities and systems.  Drawn from audited annual financial statements, it includes data for both not-for-profit and for-profit systems for several years. 

Results are downloadable into an Excel file.

Click here for a PDF with descriptions of the data fields. Please contact Tim Broderick ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns about the data.

Tips for a successful search: To find a specific hospital system, click inside the "Name" box and type the first letter of the system. A dropdown menu will take you to that portion of the alphabetized list. Limit your search by choosing a city, a state, a region or between for-profit or not-for-profit systems. To sort results, click on the financial indicator at the top of the column to display highest to lowest; click again for lowest to highest.