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Here are some resources to support the launch of your board journey. Modern Board Accelerator plans to offer all available current resources — from white papers, reports, and case studies, to articles, videos and tools.

Healthcare Boards

Nearly 50% of Venture-Backed Healthcare Companies Have No Women on the Board, New Report Shows

Top-five Concerns for Healthcare Boards

What Healthcare Boards Worry About in 2021

The 10 Emerging Trends in Healthcare for 2021

Tenet Creates Board Committee to Track Environmental, Social and Governance Impact

What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow? Succession Planning During Emergencies

Health Systems Revamp Vetting Process During COVID-19

Top Beaumont Cardiologist Makes Case to Oust CEO, Other Leaders

Nurses Share in Pandemic Decision Making through Professional Governance

Quality Often an Afterthought for System, Hospital Boards

Healthcare Forecast 2021: 10 Trends Board Members and Senior Leaders Must Know

Boston’s Hospital Chiefs Moonlight on Corporate Boards

Board Diversity

Corporate Board Diversity: Moving beyond Lip Service

The Business Case for Board Diversity

Corporate Boards Won’t Hit Gender Parity Until 2032

You Say You Want a More Diverse Board. Here’s How to Make It Happen

Tone at the Top: Where Does Diversity Begin?

Racial Diversity Stagnated on Corporate Boards

Former Xerox CEO Says Biased Criteria Hold Back Board Diversity

Ursula Burris and Darren Walker Tackle Diversity in Corporate America

Fortune 100 Outpaces the 500 on Board Diversity

A Path toward Diversity on America’s Corporate Boards

Big Companies Boost Share of Black and Latino

Fortune 500 Boards Still Decades Away from Representation Parallel to the Presence of Women and Minorities

Surprise: Women and Minorities Are Still Underrepresented in Corporate Boardrooms

New Survey: Diversity on Fortune 500 and 100 Boards

Latinos Left out of Boardroom Diversity Progress

Women on Boards and Women Executive Leadership

Corporate Boards with Women Are More Innovative

Gender Diversity Index

Eight Reasons It’s Looking Good for Women on Boards

The Female CEOs in This Year’s Fortune 500 Just Broke Three All-Time Records

Ten Companies Pledge to Achieve 40 Percent in Women in Executive Leadership by 2030

Women CEOs Demonstrated More Inclusive Leadership Style

Are Women Moving Hiring Beyond the Resume?

From Start-up to C-Suite: How Women Executives Fight Gender Bias

What to Expect from the Influx of Women on California’s Corporate Boards

Board Trends

Five Tends in the Boardrooms of High-Growth Public Companies

The 2021 Top Board and Governance Trends

How to Create a More Effective Board of Directors

How to Present Cybersecurity to Your Board of Directors

How Boards Have Risen to the COVID-19 Challenge and What’s Next

Lessons from COVID-19 for Company Board Directors: Here’s How to Upgrade Your Corporate Governance

The Top Corporate Governance Trends for 2021

Seven Ways How to Position Yourself to Get on a Board