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Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator

Corporate Membership and Sponsorship Opportunity

The Modern Board Accelerator program offers two types of membership — an individual membership for seasoned women healthcare executives and a corporate membership (limit only to two organizations). Organizations from all sectors of the healthcare industry are eligible to participate, including providers, payers, suppliers, vendors and government agencies.

How can your organization make the most of the Modern Board Accelerator experience?

Option #1: Sponsorship Opportunities (available to only two organizations)

Modern Board Accelerator offers only two opportunities for organizations that are at the forefront of gender equity and board transformation to sponsor and support tenured women executives in their quest to serve on corporate and not-for profit boards.

Join us as we forge fresh alliances and implement your vision for a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future for all. For an annual fee of $50,000, your organization can experience the benefits below:

  • Post up to three board openings per year.
  • Support the career journey of seasoned women healthcare executives in your organization.
  • Extend your network.
  • Recruit seasoned and board-ready women who match board search criteria and offer decades of experience in finance, operations and clinical innovation.
  • Expand your candidate pool and accelerate the search process.
  • Diversify your board to boast performance on issues like diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), consumer engagement and women’s healthcare.
  • Meet and engage with future board leaders.
  • Tap graduates of Modern Board Accelerator to share insights with your own board via in-person and virtual presentations, one-on-one interviews, and panel discussions.

Visibility and Exposure:

  • Enhance your organization reputation as a DEI leader and reinforce your commitment to gender diversity and equity on boards.
  • Build your organization’s brand and value proposition by demonstrating a sustained commitment to DEI.
  • Boost visibility and credibility exposure among healthcare opinion leader as one of only two sponsors of Modern Board Accelerator.
  • Receive logo visibility on website, program guide and all advertising and promotional materials.
  • Experience exclusivity as one of only two sponsors of the 2022 Modern Board Accelerator.

Option #2: Post a board position

If you’re not a sponsoring organization, you have an opportunity to gain traction for your next board search by posting an opening directly with Modern Board Accelerator for $10,000 per post. Please fill out the form to participate.

We’ll contact you within three business days to set up a call or virtual meeting where we can learn more about your board needs and priorities, and specific search criteria.

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