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Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator

The Modern Board Accelerator program offers two types of membership — an individual membership for seasoned women healthcare executives and a corporate membership (limit only to two organizations). Organizations from all sectors of the healthcare industry are eligible to participate, including providers, payers, suppliers, vendors and government agencies.

Individual Membership*

Modern Board Accelerator: A practical, highly personalized strategy for finding your ideal board position and making the most of your assets and leadership talents as a veteran woman healthcare executive. Qualification: Senior executive or C-suite level

The Modern Board Accelerator delivers the knowledge, skills and experiences you need to develop a personalized plan for board service and success.

Join Modern Board Accelerator: Membership for Women Healthcare Executives

For an annual fee of $4,999, seasoned women healthcare executives* can join a network of peers open to learning, sharing, mentoring and pursuing their personal boardroom journey.

Spearhead change: Whether you already serve on a non-profit board or want to make your for-profit board debut, Modern Board Accelerator will help you excel. Think of Modern Board Accelerator as your board coach, advocate and champion.

Raise your board profile. Modern Board Accelerator opens the door to the next important phase of your leadership journey. As a participant, you will:

  • Enhance and build your Power Network
  • Increase your knowledge, skill, experience and board savvy
  • Enhance career visibility via Modern Healthcare’s robust marketing platforms

What You’ll Get

  • 24 hours of hands-on and interactive board training and experience
  • One hour of one-on-one virtual coaching with an experienced board consultant
  • Complimentary registration to Modern Healthcare’s annual Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference
  • Access to Modern Board Accelerator webinars
  • Virtual roundtables with Modern Board Accelerator sponsors, partners (including executive search firms, healthcare organizations and influential board members)
  • Posting of your professional profile in the Modern Board Accelerator Online Directory
  • A subscription to MH (Modern Healthcare's magazine), and digital content

*Qualifications: Senior executive or C-suite level

Bump It Up a Notch with Specialized Expertise

Modern Board Accelerator offers both individual members as well as corporate members additional professional development experiences that fit your mission, vision, timetable and budget.

  • Personal Coaching: Accelerate your unique path to board service through a one-on one coaching session with a member of Modern Board Accelerator team of experts.
  • Organizational Consulting: Tap Modern Board Accelerator experts for input on board mission, structure, composition, roles, committees, process, trends, and legal and financial challenges.
  • Team Building: Invite experts from the Modern Board Accelerator team for sessions structured around trends in governance, organizational reputation, pay equity, diversity, human capital management, cybersecurity or financial performance.
  • Education and Training: Take part in virtual sessions on timely board topics — from regulations, reputation and trust, executive compensation, activism, and succession planning to risk oversight, tech innovation, and clinical strategy.
  • Roundtables: Convene for virtual conversations with prominent C-suite executives who’ve turned their boards into agents for clinical, financial, and operational innovation and industry-wide transformation.

Is Modern Board Accelerator Membership Right for You?

Find out by reflecting on these questions:

  • Strategic Thinking: Are you eager to innovate and transform organizations via board service?
  • Leadership: Are you prepared to function as an organizational steward within a board?
  • Commitment: Are you ready to commit time and resources to becoming the best possible board member?
  • Experience: Do you possess financial management, governance, operations and/or related skills, combined with a passion for supporting others in their journey?

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