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Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator
Modern Board Accelerator

Program Content:

Fall Course: September 23 – November 11*, 2022

Eight three-hour virtual courses

Plus: Bonus two hour session on November 18, 2022 (Optional)

Boards, board members and roles - what is it all about?

Identify the differences between board types

What do boards and committees do?

What do boards look for in candidates?

Is it right for me?

Discuss/explore emerging sustainability, governance and regulatory challenges and marketing trends and more

Due Diligence:

Evaluate and research companies for fit, passion, red flags and to maximize your contributions in meetings and ask the right questions

Analyze financial statements and search how the company operates

Evaluate board opportunities, ask the right questions, and learn when to walk away

Your Unique Value Proposition and Board Bio

Develop a compelling value proposition and “brag nuggets”

Hone your value proposition, pitch and delivery

Build your board bio highlighting your value, governance competencies, and expertise

Clarify your competitive advantage

Strategically position yourself as a board candidate

How to get on the radar of nominating committee:

Increase your visibility through strategic networking

Map out your industry visibility and identify how to become known for your expertise

Enhance and build your power network and resource of influencers

Learn how to “help” your network help you!

Put your action plan in place

The Interview

Prep yourself for a different kind of interview - the ins and outs of the board interview

Practice with experience directors

Special Feature:

As a participant in this program, you can create an individual profile in the Modern Board Accelerator Online Directory, a repository of information on well-qualified female board candidates.

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