Modern Healthcare Custom Media leading the way on ESG issues

Fawn Lopez, Publisher/Vice President

On the heels of Earth Day, April 22, Modern Healthcare Custom Media is proud to launch our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) educational series, facilitating discussion and idea-sharing on issues, trends and best practices, with this supplement focused on decarbonization of the healthcare sector.

Below is a schedule of the other four supplements that will be published through the end of this year.

  • July 4, ESG and Reducing the Physical Footprint
  • Aug. 15, ESG and Supply Chain Risk Management and Resiliency
  • Oct. 17, Climate and Health Equity with ESG
  • Dec. 19, ESG in the Boardroom and on the Balance Sheet

This series begins at a pivotal moment: The nation and world face ongoing climate disasters, growing regulation of greenhouse gases, increasing need for renewable, sustainable energy and intensifying struggles around social and governance concerns.

2021 was a watershed year. It unveiled powerful drivers for 2022, including climate change, regulatory reforms, monetary policy debates, biodiversity loss, supply chain gridlock, carbon offsetting and more pervasive commitments to ESG.

ESG is a critical issue, impacting a company’s growth, bottom line and the ability to attract and retain talent. For healthcare, the time to embrace ESG is now. It offers fresh opportunities for clinical, business and public health leadership. Executives can transform their organizations, the healthcare system and global environments by building ESG platforms. They can win the trust of new and emerging stakeholders, reduce risk and generate new business and clinical value.

Modern Healthcare Custom Media’s educational series will reveal how healthcare leaders can facilitate sustainable innovation across the enterprise through actions like reducing carbon emissions, addressing environmental and social impacts of end-to-end supply chain, improving stakeholder reporting and developing bold initiatives in diversity, equity and inclusion.

C-suite executives will share how they designed roadmaps and blueprints for ESG and how these resources informed strategy, guided implementation and delivered clinical, financial and operational results.

We’ll cover the broadest range of relevant issues—from climate risk, decarbonization and renewables to sustainable finance, social/economic development and governance.

And we’ll give you an inside track on frameworks for ESG transformation—from assessment, strategy design and measurement to reporting, storytelling and how to embed ESG into daily operations.

Our commitment won’t stop with the supplements. Our coverage of these issues will surface across multiple communication channels and in a variety of engaging formats. You can look forward to a dedicated website, two webinars and an in-person ESG Summit scheduled for Oct. 13-14, 2022, in Chicago.

Modern Healthcare Custom Media’s ESG educational series wouldn’t be possible without the support and sponsorship of leading healthcare organizations that include Atrium Health, CommonSpirit Health, ProMedica and Vizient. They’re already leading the way in this area. And thank you to their respective CEOs, Gene Woods, Lloyd Dean, Randy Oostra and Byron Jobe, for their commitment to advancing ESG.

Many thanks to advisory partner MindClick, CEO JoAnna Abrams and her team for their expertise, guidance and support. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to support a healthy, equitable and more sustainable planet.

We are committed to helping healthcare executives build lasting value and equity for all stakeholders. But we can’t do it alone. Please join us in our journey by sharing your news, progress reports, case studies and opinions.

Let us know how you do it—how you navigate ESG trade-offs, how your board oversees and enables ESG strategy, how you recruit and retain the talent to drive positive outcomes, and how you create the structures, culture and mindsets to reinforce ESG action.

Together, we can build a more equitable, sustainable healthcare system.

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