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Climate change disproportionally impacts communities of color and low-income households. Explore expectations of the healthcare sector to support the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 50% reduction goal by 2030 and mitigation of harmful effects of climate change for our most vulnerable communities.

Climate Health Inequities: An Industry Call-to-Action

Healthcare organizations have an imperative to advance climate-related health equity, as it fits squarely in line with their fundamental purpose to protect and promote health for all. Using the ESG framework as a compass, they can play a large role in alleviating these disparities through improved sustainability and access efforts. In this feature, we highlight health systems linking health equity and carbon reduction goals.

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Now or never.

Hospitals must tackle climate change to protect public health In this commentary, Eugene Woods, president and chief executive officer of Atrium Health, challenges his fellow healthcare leaders to help make the healthcare sector the standard-bearer in terms of reducing its carbon footprint.

How public health departments and providers can partner to mitigate climate change

In this conversation with Modern Healthcare Custom Media, Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of APHA, explains the important role public health departments must play in reducing the impacts of climate change and the opportunity for hospitals and health systems to partner with them going forward.


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