Benchmarking for Sustainable Buying

Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth work with hospitals and health systems to define environmental sustainability criteria and to drive spending on environmentally preferable products. The 2021 Practice Greenhealth Benchmark Report spotlights how healthcare organizations are advancing their environmental purchasing strategies, as well as where there are opportunities to deepen commitments.

79% of hospitals reporting to Practice Greenhealth engaged with supply chain leadership on sustainable procurement.

78% of hospitals reporting to Practice Greenhealth engaged suppliers on sustainable procurement.

70% had a sustainable procurement policy that is considered when making purchasing decisions.

65% of reporting hospitals made the evaluation of purchases based on environmental criteria a responsibility or deliverable within an existing job role in 2021.

Practice Greenhealth partners have reported more than $3.1 billion in spend on environmentally preferred products and services over the past eight years.

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