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By reducing carbon emissions, the healthcare sector can both improve human health and reduce costs. Learn about pathways for decarbonizing this sector: the supply chain, health care delivery, health professional education, policy, financing and metrics.

The ABCs of ESG

The inherent mission and values of healthcare organizations make them perfect participants of the ESG framework. Here are specific areas and goals within the ESG framework healthcare organizations can focus

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Modern Healthcare Custom Media leading the way on ESG issues

In this commentary from Publisher Fawn Lopez, she introduces the ESG: The New Imperative educational series and summit from Modern Healthcare Custom Media and the importance of this issue for the healthcare sector.

ESG: Healthcare’s new imperative

In healthcare, hospitals and health systems overall have been slow to embrace ESG. But the imperative for healthcare leaders and boards to understand and adopt the ESG framework and principles has become immediate.

Q&A with Victor Dzau, MD: “We have to be part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions”

In this interview with Dr. Victor Dzau, President of the National Academy of Medicine, he discusses the impetus behind a collaborative focused on reducing healthcare’s contribution to carbon emissions. He also shares the importance of measuring this work.

Healthcare's responsibility to shrink its carbon footprint

The U.S. healthcare system is responsible for nearly 10% of the country's carbon emissions. Because of this massive impact, prioritizing decarbonization in healthcare has the power to dramatically influence the trajectory of climate disaster and improve the health of vulnerable communities.


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