Hospital Systems: 2018 (Excel--full results)

This Excel spreadsheet includes all data collected from 47 leading hospital and health systems that responded to Modern Healthcare's 2018 Hospital Systems Survey; Financial data was not part of the survey and is not included on this spreadsheet. The full report by Tara Bannow with financial rankings included is available for download here.

All financial data included can also be found in our premium searchable financial databases available here.

This information is presented in alphabetical order based on company name. Data points provided and questions answered are:

  • System name
  • Headquarters city, state
  • Type of ownership
  • Total state count
  • Total acute-care hospitals, 2017 and 2016
  • Total acute-care hospital staffed beds, 2017 and 2016
  • Does your system plan to reduce the number of staffed beds in 2018? (Yes, No)
  • Number of physicians employed at year-end Fiscal 2017
  • Number of physicians employed at year-end Fiscal 2016
  • Does your company plan on employing more or fewer physicians next year?
  • What organizations does the company contract with as an ACO?
  • Does your ACO include post-acute care providers?
  • Which type of risk-based contracts does the system engage in?
  • What is the percentage of net patient revenue that is generated as part of risk-based contracts?
  • What percentage is expected in 2018?
  • Did the system achieve a surplus or loss on that risk-based volume in 2017?
  • Did your system own all or part of an insurance company in 2017?
  • If yes, how many covered lives did your insurance arm manage in 2017?
  • Who is your primary EHR vendor?
  • Do you have a foundation?
  • What are its net assets?
  • Do you invest in hedge funds, venture capital or private equity?
  • What are the values of each of those investments?
  • What is your system's relationship with GPOs?
  • Specify the GPOs that you work with.

View an alphabetical list of all participating health and hospital systems for 2018.

Source: Modern Healthcare's 42nd annual Hospital Systems Survey. Published July 16, 2018.

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