Executive Compensation: 2017

A Special Feature on the nation's compensation for healthcare executives, selected titles. Source: Sullivan, Cotter and Associates. Published August 14, 2017, p. 20.

This six-page package includes three different charts. Salary information published includes titles from corporate executives and corporate department executives: President/CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, Marketing, Clinical research, Community health, Managed care, Ambulatory care, Legal services and more.
The charts are:

  • Executive compensation - healthcare systems
  • Executive compensation - hospitals
  • Executive compensation by organization size

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The following data points are included in these charts:
  • Median base 2016
  • Median base 2015
  • Percentage change
  • Median total cash compensation 2016
  • Median total cash compensation 2015
  • Percentage change
  • Average total cash compensation 2016
  • Average total cash compensation 2015
  • Percentage change

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