Filters not enough to clean Flint water

Flint, Mich., residents dealing with lead-contaminated water were warned Friday that water samples from more than two dozen locations have higher lead levels than can be treated by filters that have been widely distributed.

They also will have more aid on the way after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder earlier signed into law $28 million more in emergency funding. The Republican governor said the funding will provide immediate resources in Flint, but is not the end of state assistance.

The city is under a public health emergency that has led to local, state and federal emergency declarations. Its drinking water became tainted after the city, under emergency state management, switched from the Detroit system and began drawing from the Flint River in April 2014 to save money.

The water was not properly treated to keep lead from pipes from leaching into the supply. Some children's blood has tested positive for lead, which has been linked to learning disabilities and other problems.



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