Modern Healthcare's 2015 Best Places to Work in Healthcare: Providers and Insurers (Ranked PDF)

This seven-page ranked list of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare includes the following data points:

  • 2015 rank
  • Employer name
  • Number of times on list
  • Number of employees
  • Average annual salary (exempt employees)
  • Average annual salary (nonexempt employees)
  • Voluntary employee turnover in most recent fiscal year (%)
  • Offers additional paid time off for community service/volunteer work (yes/no)
  • Flexible hours/compressed week (yes/no)
  • Telecommuting options (yes/no)
  • Wellness, prevention incentives (yes/no)
  • Workplace fitness facilities (yes/no)
  • Checklist of offered benefits

For more information about this award program, visit Best Places to Work in Healthcareonline.

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