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Seniors increasingly want home healthcare tech

Think seniors can't handle technology when it comes to their healthcare? Think again. Results of a new Accenture study indicate just the opposite.

Indeed, 67% of seniors want to access healthcare services from home, an Accenture survey reveals. But they worry the technology won't be up to snuff.

Already, 25% of seniors use electronic health records to access their data and manage their healthcare lives; 60% use online forums like PatientsLikeMe, to talk about their healthcare worries. And more than 60% of seniors surveyed are willing to use wearables to monitor vital signs.

Tech companies are trying to meet the demand. Virtual visits, seeing a doctor or provider through digital means, are becoming increasingly popular, with video visit startups in particular seeing strong growth.

And the Accenture survey reports that 57% of government officials from long-term-care agencies believe technology will help ease the strain on the healthcare system.

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