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Modern Healthcare Surveys FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Surveys

Modern Healthcare's surveys are a valuable source of in-depth information. We conduct and publish 17 major industry surveys throughout the year. For answers to the most frequently asked questions, see the section below.

Q: How can I participate in one of Modern Healthcare's surveys?

A: To participate, fill out the survey form on behalf of your organization and turn it in before the stated deadline. Details for each of our surveys can be found the Surveys section. If a survey is not currently open for participation, you may add your information to the notification database so that you can receive an e-mail directly once the survey is open for participation.

Q: How do I get my company published in a By the Numbers list?

A: Many of the By the Numbers lists are generated through outside sources -- to ensure your organization is considered, please contact the company that is credited as the source of the list. Contact information appears in the box at the bottom of the page.

Q: How do I know if my company participated in a survey?

A: Alphabetical lists of all survey participants are available in the Surveys section.

Q: Is there a fee to participate in Modern Healthcare's surveys?

A: No. All of Modern Healthcare's editorial surveys are free to participate.

Q: How and when will I get my survey form?

A: Once a survey opens you will be sent an e-mail from that will contain a link to your company's specific form. Each survey form is unique and must not be shared outside of the company. If we do not have your e-mail address on file, the survey form will be faxed to you.

Q: How do I know when a survey is open?

A: If you are a survey contact for one of Modern Healthcare's surveys, you will be notified via e-mail the day the survey is open. The Surveys section is the most up-to-date place to find out if a survey is currently open. Call outs will also appear in stories published on, in the print magazine and on Twitter.

Q: As a survey contact, will my personal contact information be published?

A: No. Specific contact information is collected for internal-use only.

Q: How will I know my data was successfully submitted online?

A: Once you fill out the form and click the Save AND Submit button you will be taken to a Thank You page where a printer-friendly version of your completed submission is available. That indicates that your form was successfully submitted. If you are able to click on your survey link again and see your survey form, then the information was not successfully submitted and you would need to resubmit.

Q: My company cannot disclose all of the information requested, but the online form requires it. How can our company be included?

A: The required questions--those marked with two asterisks or by pink-shaded fields--are items that we use in determining the published, ranked list. Without data in those fields we will not be able to include your company in the ranked results. However, we would be happy to receive any information that you are able to send in. Please print your completed survey and fax it to 312-397-5511 .

Q: I submitted my company's survey online, how do I obtain a copy for my records?

A: Click on the survey link you used to submit your information. A website will load that says, "Data already submitted!" Below that you will find a link to view the printer-friendly version of your submission.

Q: I submitted my company's survey online and I've since found typo, how do I change an answer to our survey?

A: Once a form has been submitted it cannot be accessed again. Please send an e-mail outlining what question needs to be updated to Megan Caruso, research associate, at or 312-649-5471. She will update the information in our database directly and work with you on any necessary changes.

Q: When will survey results be published?

A: There are many places to find that information:

  • Each survey form states in which issue of Modern Healthcare that the survey results will appear.
  • The Surveys section offers survey descriptions.
  • Modern Healthcare's editorial calendar.

Q: Does Modern Healthcare conduct any opinion surveys?

A: Yes. We currently collect opinions from healthcare executives for two specific topics: Healthcare IT and Supply Chain.

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

A: Please contact Megan Caruso, research associate, at or 312-649-5471.

Q: Are there advertising or sponsorship opportunities?

A: Yes. Please contact Ilana Klein, advertising director of Modern Healthcare, at or 312-649-5311 for information on Survey Sponsorships.