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Accountable Care Organizations: 2012

This three-page package includes a ranking of respondents as well as eight aggregated statistical charts with the following data points:

  • Ranking of responding ACOs by covered lives
    • Name of accountable care organizations
    • Location
    • Year ACO formed
    • Number of covered lives
    • Number of physicians participating
    • Website
  • Aggregated statistical charts — percentages based on responses
    • Organization profitability
    • Range of annual revenue from ACO
    • Total patient base represented
    • Percentage seeking Medicare certification
    • Had to modify ACO since CMS issued regulations
    • Who's participating in the ACO (physicians, hospitals, insurers)
    • Is plan a separate legal entity?
    • Type of ownership

Click here for our Survey Respondents section to view an alphabetical list of organizations that participated in this survey.

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