Outsourcing: 2011

This six-page package includes 10 different charts. The charts are:

  • Top 20 hospital department management categories
  • Top clinical/diagnostic equipment maintenance contractors
  • Top emergency department contractors
  • Top information systems contractors
  • Top food service contractors
  • Top housekeeping contractors
  • Top laundry contractors
  • Top pharmacy contractors
  • Top psychiatric services contractors
  • Top 20 outsourcing firms

The following data points are included in each of the charts (except Top 20 Hospital Departments):
  • Firm name
  • Total healthcare facilities contracted 2010
  • Total healthcare facilities contracted 2009
  • Percent change
View an alphabetical listing of all participating companies in our Survey Respondents page. Click here for the latest Outsourcing Survey participants.
View the feature story that these charts accompany: Under pressure. (Subscription required)

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