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Webinar: Health Reform's Impact on Your Hospital's Financial Future

Thursday, September 25, 2014 | 12:00 PM CT | 1:00 PM ET

Health reform has introduced significant changes that are all expected to deliver greater efficiency to the system over time. However, this transition to a new way of doing business can seriously disrupt a provider's financial health. This webinar will cover the various ways the revenue cycle will be disrupted, and solutions that can support your organization in managing the transition. MORE INFO »

Webinar: Future-Proofing Clinical and Financial Outcomes: Understanding the “Mid-Cycle” as a Critical Performance Driver

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | 1:00 PM CT | 2:00 PM ET

As the healthcare industry moves away from fee-for-service and toward fee-for-value, clinical outcomes and related documentation are becoming the foundation for a health system's financial well-being. The Mid-Cycle is the pivotal intersection that helps define financial and clinical performance. MORE INFO »

Webinar: Untangling Interoperability Challenges: Key Strategies for More Efficient Care Transitions

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 | 11:00 AM CT | 12:00 PM ET

Transitions of care are too often costly and time intensive due to lack of care coordination. This webinar offers key interoperability strategies to solve workflow and technology challenges facing healthcare providers. MORE INFO »

Webinar: Bringing Price Transparency to Healthcare

Tuesday August 26, 2014 | 1:00 PM CT | 2:00 PM ET

More consumers are finally asking for price transparency in healthcare, but most providers are still engrained in the pricing and billing practices they've always used. How can organizations take the lead on providing price transparency that will benefit all the stakeholders in healthcare? MORE INFO »

Webinar: 5 Consumer Engagement Strategies for Health Care Providers

Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 2:00 PM CT | 3:00 PM ET

As physicians assume greater clinical and financial risk from payers, they are requesting accountability from consumers. These providers need engagement strategies that empower consumers to make educated health choices and become partners in their own wellness. MORE INFO »

Webinar: Turning Insight Into Action: Analytics & Effective Denials Management

Available On Demand

Join us to learn how leaders at Middlesex Hospital turned insight into action by leveraging analytics to drive financial performance. This presentation will showcase how Middlesex streamlined its Denials Management process by using analytics to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, as well as for departmental managers to monitor operational aspects of the business. MORE INFO »
Editorial Webinars

Webinar: Patient Engagement

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 | 10:00 AM CT | 11:00 AM ET

Editorial Webinar
Patient Engagement: A Key Strategy for Population Health Management MORE INFO »

Webinar: Integrating Physician Practices into Your Network

Now Available On-Demand

As the federal government and private payers move swiftly toward value-based care, hospitals and health systems are increasingly looking to clinical integration strategies as a way to coordinate care more easily across settings, manage the health of populations and take advantage of emerging payment models. Join us as we explore strategies for integrating physician practices and ambulatory care... MORE INFO »

Webinar: Information Technology: How to achieve interoperability across the continuum of care

Now Available On Demand

For most healthcare providers, clinical interoperability remains more of a goal than a reality. This year, the feds are ratcheting up the pressure on providers to incorporate information exchange as part of their daily clinical workflows. To do it, they've built several interoperability requirements into the Stage 2 meaningful use criteria of the electronic health record incentive payment... MORE INFO »

Webinar: Managing Growing Patient Volumes in the Wake of Health Reform

Now Available On Demand

Join us as we explore how to best prepare for and manage the influx of patients covered under the Affordable Care Act. Tens of millions of Americans are expected to join the ranks of the newly insured, and many worry whether the U.S. healthcare system can successfully accommodate them. Our panel of experts will discuss the steps they have taken to ensure they can meet the demands of their growing... MORE INFO »

Webinar: Coordinating Care for Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries

Now Available On-Demand

This editorial webinar will explore the timely issue of how best to manage care for the roughly 9 million low-income seniors and young people with disabilities who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid—known as dual-eligible beneficiaries. Dual-eligibles have complex healthcare needs, often including multiple chronic conditions, and costs of caring for these patients is... MORE INFO »

Webinar: Quality and Safety - Making the Most of Your Patient Safety Organization

Now Available On-Demand

Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) provide a way for providers to confidentially pool data and experiences and disseminate best practices that reduce harm, reduce error, reduce risk and improve outcomes – all of which should lower costs. MORE INFO »

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