Healthcare System Financial Data

Financial Database

Data has been compiled from the audited financial statements, annual reports and Securities and Exchange Commission filings of not-for-profit and publicly-traded healthcare systems.

The Modern Healthcare Financial database offers you top-line financial data from the country's 371 largest for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems. Use the database to see how your system compares to peers nationally and in your market area.

View up to four years of the following system information:

Income Statement:

  • Total Revenue ($) (includes operating revenue and non-operating items, net)
  • Total Income ($)
  • Operating Revenue ($)
  • Net Patient Revenue ($))
  • Total Operating Expense ($)
  • Operating Income ($)
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents ($)
  • Depreciation and Amortization ($)

Key Indicators:

  • Total Margin (%)
  • Operating Margin (%)
  • Interest Expense ($)
  • Community Support/Charity Care ($)
  • Bad Debt ($)
  • Medicare Revenue (%)
  • EBITDA/EBIDA Margin (%)
  • YOY % Total Revenue Change (%)
  • YOY % Operating Revenue (%)
  • Days Cash on Hand
  • Time Interest Earned (%)

Balance Sheet:

  • Total Assets ($)
  • Total Liabilities ($)
  • Net Assets/Equity ($)
  • Long-term Liabilities ($)
  • Current Assets ($)
  • Current Liabilities ($)
  • Debt to Capitalization Ratio (%)
  • Cash to Debt Ratio (%)

Data can be output to an Excel spreadsheet or simply printed from our site. Additional systems will be added as data become available.

Sample Financial Database report

Financial Database Screen Sample

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