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The Future of Healthcare

Original essays from top executives and leaders predict the future of key segments of the healthcare industry.

Future of Healthcare Essays

The future of healthcare: Payers

Dr. Reed Tuckson | July 25, 2011
Since this is Modern Healthcare, it is worth posing the question: What makes our healthcare system modern? Most of us think of...
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Reform law is a starting point

Sister Carol Keehan | July 25, 2011
For the Catholic Health Association and our members, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is above all a promise. It is a promise to start...
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Leaders need to prepare for demands of reform

Thomas Dolan | July 25, 2011
While no one has a crystal ball with respect to healthcare's future, I have several assumptions.
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For hospitals, a balancing act of reducing costs and improving care

Richard Umbdenstock | July 25, 2011
All of us in healthcare are straddling a roiling gulf of uncertainty as we transition between the disappearing past and a far different, but still...
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The future of healthcare: Regulation and compliance

Audrey Andrews | July 25, 2011
Will compliance programs survive into the next decade? Will they help us navigate healthcare reform? Or will they sink to the bottom of the ocean:...
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The future of healthcare: Post-acute care

Paul Diaz and William Altman | July 25, 2011
The growing trend in our nation's healthcare system toward integrated care and payment models comes from healthcare reform and private market...
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The future of healthcare: Supply chain

Ron Rardin | July 25, 2011
For most people involved with healthcare delivery, the assortment of supply chain processes that brings the needed materials from manufacturers to...
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The future of healthcare: Patient safety

Dr. Peter Pronovost | July 25, 2011
When polio struck the U.S. in the early 1950s, scientists and commercial industry worked diligently together to develop a cure that led to the...
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The future of healthcare: Finance

Nancy Kane | July 25, 2011
A comprehensive analysis of 2007-09 healthcare spending growth recently released by the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and
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The future of healthcare: Staffing

Mary Kay Henry | July 25, 2011
In the spring of 2010, members of the Partnership for Quality Care, a coalition of local leaders from the Service Employees International Union and...
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The future of healthcare: Physicians

Dr. Leonard Morse | July 25, 2011
The cost of healthcare is stifling. It is crippling the budgets of individuals, families, businesses, communities and state and federal governments.
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The future of healthcare: Outsourcing

Steve Kehrberg | July 25, 2011
A sour economy and the grim prospect of continued cuts in reimbursements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have combined to put...
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The future of healthcare: Medical devices

Jeffrey Lerner | July 25, 2011
Healthcare providers will continue to face difficult choices among an increasingly complex array of clinical-care technologies in the near and longer...
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The future of healthcare: International

Dr. Thomas Aretz and Dr. Gilbert Mudge | July 25, 2011
American academic medical centers have played a pivotal role in the evolution of global healthcare by training international clinicians and...
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The future of healthcare: Information technology

Dr. Eric Topol | July 25, 2011
Mobile digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, have had a rapid and profound impact on our daily lives, affecting how we read,...
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The future of healthcare: Construction

Gail Vittori | July 25, 2011
The launch of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Healthcare in April signaled a defining moment for hospitals and other healthcare...
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