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Vital Signs: Could healthcare IT be the key to better addiction treatment?

In a new, landmark report on addiction, the U.S. surgeon general made a solid argument for the role of health information technology in improving the treatment of patients with drug or alcohol abuse as well as behavioral health problems.

Blog: Systemwide employee awareness is key to cybersecurity in age of ransomware

Extortion increasingly is the motive behind cyberattacks of healthcare companies, a panel of experts told a luncheon audience of the Nashville Health Care Council.


Blog: Belying their rapid-repeal rhetoric, Republicans worry about ACA political fallout

Republicans are torn between the political pressure for speedy repeal of the Affordable Care Act following Donald Trump's election and the policy imperative to go slow and get it right.


Blog: An election that will transform healthcare

Big changes are coming to healthcare, and they are likely to make things worse for the very people who put Donald Trump in office.

Blog: It's Trump's turn to wrestle with reforming healthcare

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to quickly repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now he and the newly elected Republican Congress are like the dog that caught the car. What are they going to do with it?


Blog: Paul Ryan admits Clinton victory would kill ACA repeal

House Speaker Paul Ryan has acknowledged that if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins today's election, Republican hopes to repeal the Affordable Care Act are dead.

Blog: Small doc practice wins big in HIT arbitration case

A Texas pediatrician says he plans to open a second office with the money he won in an arbitration case against a marketer of electronic health record systems.


Blog: As enrollment opens, some consumers look for loopholes to avoid higher premiums

If HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell heard NPR's "Morning Edition" on Tuesday, the first day of 2017 open enrollment, she must have felt ill. An Oregon man described his plan to buy coverage midyear if he got sick. That's precisely the type of gaming that is causing big problems for the ACA.


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