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Blog: Designers achieve the improbable: a clear and readable explanation of benefits

HHS has announced the winners of a contest challenging designers to leverage technology to make the inscrutable – the basic healthcare explanation of benefits – so easy to read even a human being can comprehend it. Several hospitals around the country will test the designs.


Blog: Invest in new hospitals? Really?

Republican candidate Donald Trump called for more investment in new hospitals during the first presidential debate. Healthcare economists have a very different opinion about the need for new facilities.

Blog: ONC releases updated legal guide to HIT contracting

The guide is the newest addition to an online resource center for healthcare providers on how to implement and use health IT to advance care information and delivery.

Blog: Health tech leaders, lenders see long-standing barrier to innovation

What's the newest, biggest challenge in health IT? It's the same old problem – getting new ideas to move quickly down the healthcare industry's long runway for technological innovation, according to a survey of 122 health tech company founders, executives and investors.

Blog: Healthcare innovators optimistic about cost containment

Members of a panel of healthcare leaders who gathered in Chicago this week remain optimistic that through innovations and a persistent approach to patient-centered, data-driven care delivery, the healthcare industry can attack costs and bring them under control.


Blog: It's not all about the wearable

Though employers and health insurers are increasingly handing out wearable devices to help plan members stay healthy, wearing a fitness tracker many not help you shed any pounds, according to a recent study.


Blog: Behind the documentary that tackles end-of-life care

For most hospital administrators, the idea of allowing filmmakers to roam the halls of the ICU is probably no more appealing than getting into the nitty-gritty of their compensation. But uncomfortable situations can yield powerful results.

Blog: Here's what happens when states become testing grounds for healthcare payment reform

States are serving as both laboratories and building blocks for innovative healthcare models, but the impact of this approach on healthcare quality and spending remains to be seen.

Blog: CMS wants more groups to address social determinants of health

By tweaking an existing funding opportunity to tackle the social determinants of health, the CMS will make it "more manageable" for organizations to apply, one observer said.


Blog: An important data point within the latest CDC health insurance numbers

The headline number from the CDC's latest survey is the 8.6% uninsured rate. But deeper within the report is a data point that is arguably just as important as the uninsured rate: the continued rise of high-deductible plans.

Blog: More and better enrollment assistance could stabilize the ACA markets

Everyone agrees the Affordable Care Act exchanges need more people to sign up for coverage to make those marketplaces more stable. But many Americans haven't enrolled because they find the health insurance confusing.

Blog: From Maine to California, the wide divergence of healthcare quality

How states stack up against each other on healthcare quality depends on geography, insurance and a host of other factors.


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