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Blog: Practice Greenhealth launching tool to help hospitals compare long-term equipment costs

Practice Greenhealth has made yet another move into supply chain with the expected launch of a tool that helps hospitals forecast the total cost of using and maintaining a product, beyond just the purchase price.


Blog: Mylan's sudden plans for a generic EpiPen

Mylan made a somewhat surprising announcement Monday that it would launch a generic version of its EpiPen in several weeks and sell it for half the list price of its branded product. So where have those plans been for the decade it's been selling the product?


Blog: Senior Democrat says Republicans privately open to ACA fixes after election

Everyone agrees the ACA exchanges need some fixes. Now a senior House Democrat says GOP leaders are telling her privately that after years of all-out opposition to the law, they are open to working with Democrats after the November elections on measures to improve the functioning of the exchanges.

Blog: To cure ACA exchange ills, why not merge the entire individual insurance market?

Earlier this week, a prominent health economist offered what he called “simple way” to reduce the risk of more insurers leaping off the Obamacare exchange ship: “Make the Obamacare exchange one big marketplace for everyone buying individual health insurance coverage."

Blog - Tales from the healthcare shopping front: Good luck finding a cheaper MRI

Some policymakers say giving consumers price information and letting them shop for services will help solve the nation's healthcare cost growth problem. But just trying to find a lower price for an MRI shows that shopping for a healthcare service based on price and quality is very hard.

Blog: Rio Olympics sees first total, interoperable EHR implementation

The Rio Games mark the first time all athletes from all nations at the Olympics will have their health records managed on a common EHR.


Blog: Cupping therapy gets some Olympic attention

Purple circles visible on Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps' body while he competes at the Rio Games are evidence of the superstar swimmer's belief in an ancient Chinese technique called cupping, which is touted as a way to ease sore muscles.


Blog: Behind Trump's claim that Obamacare cost 2 million jobs

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed in an economic speech Monday that his proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act would “save” 2 million American jobs. But there are serious problems with that statement.

Blog: Democrats unleash the Medicare bomb in tight North Carolina Senate race

Last week a Democratic challenger attacked North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr for a proposal to turn Medicare into a “premium support” program. Expect more Democrats to unload on their GOP opponents for the Medicare restructuring proposals in the GOP platform.

Blog: When presidential candidates pander on health issues

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein wavered on the benefits and safety of childhood vaccinations. It must have made her former medical colleagues cringe.


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