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Blog: Why Democrats didn't talk more about healthcare at their convention

Healthcare policy got remarkably little discussion during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, despite repeated nods to the issue from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders.

Blog: Democratic policy experts warn the ACA is in big jeopardy if Trump wins

Two key players in the passage of the ACA warn that if Donald Trump becomes president, he and congressional Republican leaders could indeed abolish key elements of the law and roll back its insurance expansions and consumer protections.

Blog: Compliance officers and their bosses aren't on the same page

Management and boards often see healthcare compliance as a matter of satisfying regulatory requirements, according to a new survey. Compliance officers are more likely to see their duty as promoting an ethical culture and detecting misconduct.

Blog: You thought Obamacare was a big deal? Take a look at the GOP's proposed Medicare overhaul

The Republican Party's plan to convert Medicare into a defined-contribution, "premium support" model would be enormously complicated, and the ramifications could be more far-reaching than the changes made by the Affordable Care Act, judging from a new policy brief.


Blog: The trouble with the Cancer Moonshot

Critics indicate that at best, the term moonshot is misguided when it comes to figuring out how to beat cancer. At worst, it's false advertising that could ultimately weaken public trust and support.

Blog: Joint Commission, VHA call for workplace violence prevention push in healthcare

“A workplace violence prevention program should be a required component of the patient safety system of all health care organizations,” wrote Ron Wyatt and Kim Anderson-Drevs of the Joint Commission and Lynn Van Male of the Veterans Health Administration in a JAMA article.

Blog: BMJ medical errors paper fuels growing debate

An analysis claiming that more than 250,000 deaths a year in the U.S. are due to medical errors has stirred controversy, as doctors question the researchers' data and methodology. But others say that squabbling over numbers overlooks the very real problem of medical errors in the U.S.


Blog: Ryan prevails over Trump in Republican health policy platform

The GOP health policy platform released Monday left no trace of Donald Trump's campaign statements about not touching Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and making sure all Americans have healthcare when they need it. And there's no discussion about controlling soaring prescription drug costs.

Blog: If anyone has a copy of the final GOP health policy platform, please share

Just hours before the Republican National Convention was set to begin in Cleveland Monday, reporters and others seeking the final version of the Republican Party's 2016 platform still could not obtain a copy.

Blog: Herbalife settlement with FTC may prompt changes in firms selling health supplements

A new Federal Trade Commission settlement with Herbalife International of America could sharply change business practices at multilevel marketing companies that sell health-related items and other products, including firms formerly associated with Donald Trump.

Blog: Study says Medicaid work requirements would reduce healthcare

House GOP members' recent proposal to add a work requirement to Medicaid eligibility and restructure the program's financing will be counterproductive and lead to increasing cuts in benefits and even poverty, a new policy study says.


Blog: 'Pokémon Go' gets the world moving, but is it safe?

The "Pokémon Go" phenomenon has yielded claims that it's getting people out of their houses and exercising. But health experts say the race to “catch 'em all” could also lead to distracted driving and walking, lost sleep and even lost jobs.


Blog: Trump's reported VP pick raises questions about Medicaid expansion

Donald Trump's reported selection of Mike Pence as his running mate means the Indiana governor will be in the position of calling for repeal of his own Medicaid expansion, which has extended coverage to more than 300,000 low-income adults.

Blog: Insurers need to look in the mirror before complaining about ACA exchanges

Hillary Clinton proposes policy changes to strengthen the Affordable Care Act's individual insurance markets. But if the markets are flawed, why have some insurers succeeded while others have floundered?

Blog: Holy MACRA! Half of docs have never heard of Medicare payment reform

Half of non-pediatric physicians have never heard of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015—a new CMS payment plan that will put 4% or more of their Medicare reimbursement at risk beginning in 2019, according to a new Deloitte survey.


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