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Blog: New health reform bill shows why Republicans struggle with replacing Obamacare

Sweeping new legislation unveiled by two congressional Republicans to partly repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act highlights the formidable political and policy challenges the GOP faces in taking on a law that has significantly expanded coverage and made popular changes in insurance practices.

Blog: The IT holy grail remains out of policymakers' hands

In the last full year of the Obama administration, federal policymakers remain so focused on interoperability that an annual gathering hosted by the top national IT office leans hard on the issue.


Blog: Soon-Shiong's latest moonshot: the newspaper industry

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong's investment firm Nant Capital is committing $70.5 million to become the second-largest shareholder in Tribune Publishing Co., parent company of the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune, among other titles.

Blog: Bailout for low-quality Medicare Advantage contracts slipped into bipartisan bill

A new bill making the rounds on Capitol Hill has a hospital-centric theme. But private Medicare Advantage insurers with bad quality ratings would also benefit from one surreptitious provision.

Blog: Privacy, security issues delay API recommendations

By law, patients have a right to obtain electronic copies of their medical records, but should they also have a right to access those records by using software applications of their choosing?

Blog: Federal survey finds 'troubling' online behavior that could impact medical record sharing

The growing, global epidemic of data breaches—including those in healthcare—are making people gun shy about online services, including the exchange of medical records, according to a Census Bureau survey.

Blog: Patients using alternative treatments more likely to delay chemo

Not all women initiate recommended breast cancer treatment despite the survival benefits associated with it. A new study in JAMA Oncology suggests their delays in treatment might, in part, be related to whether or not they use complementary and alternative medicines.


Blog: Trump adviser now says Medicare and Medicaid changes are on the table

The top policy adviser to Donald Trump said a Trump administration would consider major changes in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to establish "budget discipline," suggesting that the presumptive GOP nominee and House Speaker Paul Ryan aren't so far apart on the issue after all.

Blog: Unpopular governors have fingerprints on health policy decisions

A new survey puts the spotlight on the nation's most unpopular governors. A quick look at those governors' records shows many disliked decisions that impacted healthcare.


Blog: Clinton suggests letting people in their 50s buy into Medicare

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unexpectedly floated the idea Monday of letting people in their 50s buy into Medicare as an alternative to her previous proposal to let states establish public health insurance plans to compete with private insurers.

Blog: ONC offers $1.25 million in data exchange grants

HHS has $1.25 million in grant money it wants to divvy up between six to 12 organizations to develop ways to improve interoperability of healthcare information technology.

Blog: Prescribing generic drugs could have saved $73 billion

The nation could have saved an estimated $73 billion from 2010 to 2012 if clinicians had more frequently prescribed alternatives to brand-name drugs, according to a new study. The total out-of pocket savings for patients would have been about $25 billion.

Blog: Could the new rules on e-cigs benefit tobacco companies?

While the new rules banning the sale of e-cigarettes to those under the age of 18 have been well-received by both their proponents and opponents, some question whether the regulations may inadvertently benefit tobacco companies, since costs to implement the new requirements may put smaller...

Blog: Kaiser, Mayo staffers among those advising HHS on medical record exchange

A trio of healthcare information technology experts that includes a vice president of IT from Kaiser Permanente and a senior editor for the Mayo Clinic's website will advise HHS on standards for sharing patient medical information.


Blog: Would a President Trump stick to his promise not to cut Medicare?

There's mounting speculation about how presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will handle the Medicare issue during the general election campaign and what he would do about it if elected president.

Blog: Expanded security audits, engaged cyberinsurance sector key to squashing data breaches

One way to curb the number of health information data breaches is for the federal government to share its investigative reports into HIPAA violations. More security audits and a more-engaged insurance industry that's working with clients to avoid security breaches offer other solutions, says one...


Blog: U.S. likely to play minimal role in selection of new leader of WHO

The World Health Organization—the central coordinating body for international health within the United Nations' system, which employs more than 7,000 people in 150 offices around the world—is due for a new chief executive.


Blog: High patient cost-sharing is the elephant in the room during election campaign

Two new reports highlight how Americans are struggling with high out-of-pocket medical costs, even as most of the presidential candidates slog through their election battles hardly talking about it. The findings suggest there will be strong public pressure for a solution, no matter who wins.

Blog: HSCA does away with annual expo

Suppliers and GPOs seem to have come down with a case of conference fatigue from attending a growing number of conferences and events. GPOs have decided that their own conference just isn't worth it from a sales perspective.


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