Sometimes, it's good to be Blue (Cross Blue Shield)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield's clout in Washington was in evidence last week as Congress passed a massive spending bill to keep the government operating into next year. One of the last pages of the bill also included a line about the “modification of treatment of certain health...

Supreme Court decision could mean $65 billion in lost insurance subsidies

Florida residents would lose $12.3 billion in financial assistance in 2016 if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down insurance subsidies for states that haven't established their own exchanges, according to an analysis done by Democratic staffers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


UnitedHealth, Humana continue to dominate Medicare Advantage

UnitedHealth Group and Humana enroll more Medicare Advantage members than any other insurers, and it really isn't that close, according to the latest government data.

Intel to pilot gesture-based EHR at Intermountain

Intel Corp. and Utah hospital system Intermountain Healthcare are planning to test a system allowing clinicians to interact with electronic health records using gestures, Alice Borrelli, Intel's director of global health and workplace policy, revealed at a health IT event Wednesday.

Patients: Partners, clients or consumers?

Patients are more frequently being called consumers, partners and clients as healthcare providers focus attention on experience and satisfaction. But in a Dec. 13 blog post, some clinicians suggested a downside of using these descriptions, saying the terms don't capture the complexity of the...

Medicaid expansion decisions have disproportionate impact on blacks

African-Americans are disproportionately affected by states opting not to expand Medicaid, according to an analysis released by the Urban Institute.

Price of an echocardiogram machine isn't a mystery

Readers of this morning’s New York Times story on the wildly varying charges levied for routine echocardiograms may have been left with the erroneous impression that it is nearly impossible to learn the price of cardiac ultrasound machines. Not so.

Obama uses popular TV, radio to pitch to Generation X

President Barack Obama pitched in interviews with three seemingly unusual outlets on Friday—a hip hop radio station in Raleigh, N.C., a sports radio show and a morning talk show led by "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. But it's not the first time the president has used...

Congress opts to pass the salt to America's school children

Last-minute congressional budget bills are normally Christmas tree measures full of goodies for all sorts of special interests. The budget measure Congress approved this weekend was no exception. In it, the food industry and local school districts got a special gift that likely will impact the...

VA study shows problems with health record usage, points to some positives

The use of personal health records by veterans remains low, paralleling the experience of the private healthcare sector. Only 30% of veterans had registered for the VA's patient portal and only 17% had authenticated their identity, giving them access to their health data and other functions as of...

Antibiotic-resistant bug battle wins bipartisan support in Congress

A bill surfaced in the final days of the current Congress with bipartisan support to ease regulatory requirements to get drugs that treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria approved, and it is expected to also be considered by the new Congress in January.

The trail of shorter workweeks traces back to Dr. Jeff Levy in 1987

The legacy of Dr. Jeff Levy and novelist Sidney Zion is evident in two studies on resident work hours in the Dec. 10 issue of JAMA. The studies compare 30-day mortality and readmission rates before and after new restrictions on resident work hours were imposed by the Accreditation Council for...

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