Safety journal blasts Denham in conflict of interest scandal

The editors of the Journal of Patient Safety found that five of 10 articles on operating room sterilization practices authored by disgraced former editor Dr. Charles Denham failed to disclose his financial conflicts of interest relevant to those articles.

Billionaires see potential in healthcare stocks

Healthcare stocks are attracting the big-money crowd, a sign that serious investors think there's money to be made in the sector, according to one tracker of where billionaires invest.

Do employee wellness programs work? Studies say no … and yes

A pre-Thanksgiving clash emerged between healthcare experts who believe wellness programs sponsored by employers offer long-term savings and create a healthier workforce, and those who think such programs provide no value whatsoever.

Vanderbilt study demonstrates EHR data-crunching ability

The potential of using large data sets to come to possible treatment-related conclusions not otherwise evident is demonstrated by results of a recent study by researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


iPhones ring healthcare's bell most often, new MH survey finds

Apple iPhones are the smartphones of choice for a wide majority of Modern Healthcare readers, despite phones that use Google's Android operating system far outnumbering iPhones in the country as a whole, according to the results of Modern Healthcare's third annual survey to find the Most Important...

Researcher projects $78 billion cost savings on EHRs

The latest volley in the debate over whether investing in electronic health records will save anyone money: Yes, to the tune of $78 billion worldwide from 2014 to 2019, according to a report by U.K.-based Jupiter Research.

Safety net hospitals face looming care crisis

Major funding cuts on the horizon could eliminate or significantly reduce the ability of many safety net hospitals to provide care for the uninsured and underinsured, a new study finds.

Obama administration fudged exchange enrollment with stand-alone dental plans

It appears HHS has a numbers problem. Alex Wayne reports for Bloomberg that the government inflated its 2014 enrollment figures for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exchanges by including dental plans along with medical plans.

Look for higher deductibles on most popular Obamacare plans

Individuals and families looking for a federal health plan with low premiums may likely face annual deductibles averaging thousands of dollars, according to a new analysis of health plans sold on for 2015.

Study shows promise and pitfalls of clinical decision support

Information technology is supposed to help healthcare providers make better decisions. But a study published this month in the Journal of General Internal Medicine shows both the promise and the drawbacks of harnessing software to improve clinical decisions.

New drug development said to come with $2.6 billion price tag

How much does it cost to get a drug approved? A new estimate puts the number at $2.55 billion, more than twice the cost assessed by the same lead researcher a decade ago. Not everyone believes the math.

New initiative targets community causes of poor health

The newly launched BUILD Health Challenge initiative aims to increase partnerships between providers and community organizations that address the underlying causes for poor health in low-income communities.

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