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Blog: Prisoners have skin in the game, too

Some experts are questioning the fairness and wisdom of charging inmates in prisons and jails co-payments for healthcare services, a practice now in 38 states.

Blog: Do patients held for observation skew performance on quality measures?

Just how much success have hospitals had in their efforts to prevent patients from returning soon after leaving? Perhaps not as much as reported, two physicians argue at the blog for health policy journal Health Affairs.


Blog: Will making your kid a foodie get them to eat their veggies?

A study released Tuesday showed students eating fewer fruits and vegetables and throwing away more food when they were required to put fruits and vegetables on their lunch trays. One expert says we should be thinking creatively, perhaps artistically, at ways to get kids to love fruits and...

Blog: States stinting on treatment funding as heroin addiction takes off

Some elected officials say we can't afford to pay for addiction treatment while an explosion of heroin use ripples through the nation, siphoning healthcare dollars and overwhelming prisons.


Blog: Arkansas' expansion a win, but future hangs in political uncertainty

As the future of Medicaid expansion in Arkansas is decided by a Republican governor who remains on the fence about the measure backed by Democrats, an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that it's been a resounding success.


Blog: Who influenced the influential?

Before they became influential themselves, Modern Healthcare's 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare were influenced by others. Anthem CEO and former Trinity Health CEO Joseph Swedish, for example, says he was inspired by patients who helped him "better understand the very personal side of...


Blog: After 20 years, Cleveland Clinic is NOT lovin' McDonald's anymore

In this era of population health and maintaining wellness, Cleveland Clinic has decided to cut ties with McDonald's.


Blog: Many forgo ACA's cost-sharing subsidies

More than 2 million Americans are missing out on reduced deductibles, copayments and coinsurance rates because they aren't choosing the right exchange plan, according to a study from Avalere Health.


Blog: Fast-track FDA approval is for sale (and commanding top dollar)

United Therapeutics Corp. recently sold a voucher for fast-track Food and Drug Administration review to AbbVie for a record $350 million. The secondary market for the vouchers highlights the industry's growing thirst to get to market with the next potential blockbuster therapy.

Blog: Aetna hires lobbyists to ensure Humana deal

Aetna is determined to nab government approval of its $37 billion acquisition of Humana. And the health insurance titan has bulked up its roster of hired guns to meet that goal.

Blog: Investors profit from surgeries on patients of mesh implants gone wrong

The tidal wave of lawsuits over pelvic mesh implants seems to have spurred a new business—one that some say profits by preying on patients who've sued over the devices, according to a Reuters investigation.

Blog: Growing chorus warns of perils in hospital, insurance mergers

Consolidation in U.S. healthcare is creating new giants among hospital and insurance companies and as mergers continue, the chorus of those who fear rising prices and falling innovation is growing.

Blog: Déjà vu all over again: Waiting for another ACA legal ruling

Just when you thought the Affordable Care Act was out of the legal woods, reform watchers are nervously awaiting another federal ruling in a case that could seriously affect the law's coverage expansion.

Blog: Health costs for transgender military personnel would be minimal

The health expense associated with transition care for transgender military personnel would not be cost prohibitive if a ban on them openly serving is lifted, according to a new analysis.

Blog: Intermountain has a deal for Utah employers

The insurance company owned by Intermountain Healthcare is promising employers an annual 4% growth in healthcare costs—with a catch. The companies must enter three-year contracts.

Blog: Sanford Health committing to risk-based payment

Providers and payers talk about shifting away from volume-based payments and toward “value-based” payments perhaps more than any other topic today. One large integrated delivery system has put specific numbers behind that nebulous goal.


Blog: Why healthcare officials need to keep up with the Kardashians

While the FDA has slapped down Kim Kardashian for omitting risk information in an Instagram post touting the morning sickness pill Diclegis, drug companies may use her faux pas as a road map for how to use celebrities in promoting off-label use of drugs should a recent New York court case stand.


Blog: Kim Kardashian gets drugmaker in trouble with FDA

A Canadian drug company probably thought an advertisement featuring Kim Kardashian would attract new customers, but the prominent socialite and reality TV star's product endorsement also caught the attention of the Food and Drug Administration.


Blog: First GOP debate likely to be light on policy details

This early in the race and with 10 candidates on stage, the debaters will probably not get deep into health policy.

Blog: Hospital mergers are different (according to hospitals)

The American Hospital Association asserts in a new blog post that consumers have less to fear from hospital mergers than they do from consolidation among large health insurers. Not everyone is so sanguine about the rapid consolidation of hospital systems.


Blog: Meet the healthcare exec who's one of the top donors in the 2016 presidential race

Healthcare executives are already making news for donating to candidates in the 2016 presidential race. One of them has outspent Donald Trump.

Blog: A good year for healthcare stocks all around

Some hospital system executives are citing booming insurer stock prices as a clear market signal that consolidation will give payers the upper hand in future price negotiations with hospitals and other providers. But insurers are not the only ones seeing strong results.

Blog: GAO to CMS: 'I told you so' on Medicaid advice

To celebrate Medicaid's 50th birthday, the Government Accountability Office is taking a look at all the ways it has told the CMS to improve the program, but the agency has yet to act on.


Blog: Medicare's role in desegregating hospitals draws notice on its 50th anniversary

Americans well remember how black people had to ride in the back of the bus and drink from separate water fountains before civil rights laws were passed. But most don't know that African Americans often could not receive treatment in the same hospitals and physicians' offices as white people.

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