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Lin MacMaster out at American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society executive Lin MacMaster is out after just more than a year as chief revenue and marketing officer for the Atlanta-based organization.

MacMaster was named to the newly created post in July last year. The job was seen as a strategic role designed to grow the organization's “fund-raising portfolio” while working “to ensure brand relevance to new and existing supporters,” according to an ACS news release.
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Say it ain't so; Cubs cut grounds crew hours because of ACA?

8:15 pm, Aug. 22 |

Moises Alou stretches in vain to catch a pop fly in the 2003 playoff game.
There are a number of reasons I have turned away over the years from being an avid fan of my hometown Chicago Cubs baseball team.

First there was the Cubs' heartbreaking collapse in the home stretch of the 1969 National League pennant race, when they were overtaken by the Miracle Mets.
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Heartbleed poses big dangers for health IT systems

The likelihood is high there are more healthcare organizations besides Community Health Systems that have been made vulnerable by Heartbleed and other undetected intrusions, security experts agree.

Where did Heartbleed come from? And exactly how much damage is it causing to health IT systems?
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In Arkansas, a Dem senator campaigns on Obamacare

8:45 pm, Aug. 21 |

One of the biggest mysteries in the endless political battle over Obamacare is why President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats haven't more aggressively and effectively touted the law's protections for consumers against being denied coverage and treatment by insurers.

Many if not most Americans have experienced fights with health insurers over coverage, and it's safe to say insurers are not well-loved by the public. Yet Republicans are counting on their attacks against the Affordable Care Act to carry them to November election victories that will hand them control of the Senate and greater leverage to roll back the healthcare reform law.
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Suspicion falls on Heartbleed in CHS hack

It seems that healthcare information technology security specialists may have been right back in April when they warned that healthcare data systems were at risk from the then-newly discovered Heartbleed vulnerability.

While there is no official confirmation that the highly publicized Heartbleed bug was used to drain Community Health Systems of the demographic information on 4.5 million patients, an Ohio security firm is saying that it was a Heartbleed-enabled hack.
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Amazon meets with FDA, healthcare is likely the topic

The road to the Food and Drug Administration's Silver Spring, Md., office this year has been well-traveled by the big technology firms. Both Google and Apple have met with FDA leadership to talk about healthcare plans, and a recent review of FDA's public calendar reveals has joined the FDA healthcare parade.
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RAND report takes you on a trip to dark side (of cybercrime)

It's not Elmore Leonard, but for the average health information technology reader, a new RAND report, Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data: Hackers' Bazaar, is still a gripper.

The report pulls back the curtain on the underworld of data theft, looking at it in its entirety, as a fully functional marketplace, not merely as random, isolated hacks and breaches. That's where it's likely to capture a health IT reader's attention in the wake of Monday's announcement that 4.5 million patient records had been stolen from Community Health Systems by hackers.
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How to find new evidence to back digital health initiatives

1:15 pm, Aug. 20 |

The development of clinical evidence proving the effectiveness of various digital health systems and devices lags well behind the hype and adoption that surrounds the digital space, many health technology experts agree.

More and better research would ensure that providers are making evidence-based decisions, and not hastily wasting money or harming patient care, they reason.
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You can show patients test results, but will they understand them?

1:15 pm, Aug. 20 |

With the increasing adoption of electronic health records, more patients are able to view their lab results electronically outside of clinical consultations, but a study suggests that access doesn't mean patients understand what they're seeing.

A team at the University of Michigan schools of Public Health and Medicine discovered that people with low literacy skills and low numerical comprehension were less than half as likely to identify if a lab result was inside or outside the standard range.
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A great hacker will find HIT system flaws, exploit them

When you think about how an “advanced persistent threat,” i.e., a hacker, works, think of a professional quarterback like the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

Smart, capable and most of all flexible, a pro QB will read a defense and exploit whatever weakness it offers. He might look first for a 50-yard TD strike to the split-end running a fly down the sideline. But if the cornerback has that guy covered, he'll look next for the flanker on a cross 20 yards deep. If the safety is blanketing the flanker, the wily QB will take what he can get, either dumping off to a halfback sneaking in front the linebackers in the hook zone 7 yards downfield or, if the tackles are split and he's fleet of foot like Rodgers, running the ball himself.
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