How some exchange plans may be deterring HIV patients

By Bob Herman  |  January 29, 2015

Insurers offering Obamacare plans are making it more difficult for HIV patients to afford drugs even though the law forbids any kind of discrimination of those with pre-existing conditions, according to a study.

Uninsured don’t know about subsidies, Medicaid expansion

By Virgil Dickson  |  January 29, 2015

Additional outreach about insurance marketplace premium subsidies and expanded eligibility standards for Medicaid is needed to reach the uninsured, a Kaiser Family Foundation study suggests.

In Supreme Court subsidies showdown, whose side is Ben Nelson on?

By Lisa Schencker  |  January 29, 2015

Obamacare opponents say a former Democratic senator's comments prove Congress didn't intend to grant insurance premium subsidies to states without their own exchanges. A new brief filed in the Supreme Court uses that same senator's words to show the opposite conclusion.

Up to 6 million face federal fines for lack of insurance

By Virgil Dickson  |  January 29, 2015

As many as 6 million people could face fines of up to 1% of their household income for not having health insurance in 2014, said Mark Mazur, assistant secretary for tax policy at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Harvard Pilgrim secures discount on Gilead's newest hep C drug

By Bob Herman  |  January 29, 2015

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, one of the largest not-for-profit health insurers in New England, said it will save millions of dollars in hepatitis C drug costs through its negotiated pricing discount from pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences.

It's not just the ACA—employer-sponsored insurance was already eroding

By Adam Rubenfire  |  January 29, 2015

The number of private-sector workers who get health insurance through their employer has been declining steadily since well before the Great Recession and nearly a decade before the healthcare reform law took effect, according to a new analysis published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Where healthcare is now on march to value-based pay

Where healthcare is now on march to value-based pay

By Melanie Evans and Bob Herman  |  January 28, 2015

U.S. healthcare providers and insurers start from widely divergent places as some of the largest move to put most of their business into payment models that reward lower cost and higher quality care.

Americans want Congress to restore subsidies if Supreme Court nixes them

By Paul Demko  |  January 28, 2015

Nearly two-thirds of adults want Congress to take action to allow all low- and middle-income Americans to access insurance subsidies if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down financial assistance in states that don't operate their own exchanges, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

The health insurance stock boom

The health insurance stock boom

By Bob Herman  |  January 27, 2015

Investors in health insurance companies will surely celebrate the upcoming five-year anniversary of Obamacare, a law that aggressively restricts how insurers do business but nevertheless brought them huge gains in the stock market.

ACA clear on allowing subsidies, Obama administration tells high court

By Lisa Schencker  |  January 27, 2015

The nation's healthcare reform law is clear in allowing Americans in all states to get insurance premium tax credits as Congress intended, the Obama administration argues in its main brief filed with the Supreme Court in the widely watched King v. Burwell case.

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