Virtual visits help patient-provider relationships bloom

By Rachel Z. Arndt  |  July 14, 2017

In a move reminiscent of rom-com dating, a day or two after a patient's first telemedicine visit, Hospital Sisters Health calls the person, reminding him or her of what a good time they just had. Like with any budding relationship, the goal is to get a second date.

Telehealth market poised for growth, but use remains low

Telehealth market poised for growth, but use remains low

By Alex Kacik  |  June 20, 2017

The vast majority of U.S. patients are open to using telehealth solutions, but only a fraction have received care virtually, suggesting that the healthcare industry has yet to meet consumer interest in virtual care, according to a new survey.

Texas Senate loosens virtual care requirements

By Rachel Z. Arndt  |  May 19, 2017

The Texas legislature has sent a bill to the governor's desk that will end a long-running battle over the state's telemedicine requirements and open the door for broader virtual care.

MDLive sued over patient privacy concerns

By Maria Castellucci  |  April 19, 2017

MDLive has been hit with a class-action lawsuit accusing the telehealth provider of violating patients' privacy rights and sharing confidential information with third-party contractors.

Telehealth in the emergency room

Telehealth in the emergency room

By Rachel Z. Arndt  |  April 08, 2017

Estimates of the portion of visits to the ER for non-urgent conditions vary wildly. One meta-analysis put the number at about a third. Virtual visits are one way for hospitals to more efficiently deal with those patients.


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