Pennsylvania faces bumps in switch from alternative Medicaid expansion

Pennsylvania faces bumps in switch from alternative Medicaid expansion

By Virgil Dickson  |  March 03, 2015

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf started working to deliver on a campaign promise soon after taking office: unwinding his GOP predecessor's alternative Medicaid expansion. Some providers and patient advocates are concerned about collateral damage as 200,000 enrollees switch plans.

'Cadillac' tax likely to diminish union health plans, study finds

By Bob Herman  |  March 02, 2015

Health plans obtained through union collective bargaining agreements often include much more generous benefits than other employer-sponsored plans. But such benefits are likely to be pared down as the Affordable Care Act's excise tax nears, a new study in Health Affairs contends.

Hospital closures pose threat to public health, and other letters

Hospital closures pose threat to public health, and other letters

By Modern Healthcare  |  February 28, 2015

Regarding the Feb. 23 cover story “Hospitals face closures as 'a new day in healthcare' dawns,” it's a great article. Unfortunately, these closures will eventually place the basic ability to care for our citizens at risk, especially in rapid response to superbugs, Ebola/SARS, natural...

Actuaries want rates revised if subsidies end

Actuaries want rates revised if subsidies end

By Bob Herman  |  February 28, 2015

Actuaries are pressing HHS to allow health insurers to revise their rates for 2016 coverage if the U.S. Supreme Court invalidates the Affordable Care Act's premium subsidies in federal exchanges.

Affordable Care Act's benefits for hospitals aren't yet clear

By Beth Kutscher  |  February 27, 2015

Hospitals in states that have expanded Medicaid are seeing a sharp drop in charity care and an increase in admissions. But hospitals in general are seeing higher-acuity patients and losing out to lower-cost providers for less-complex care.

GOP claims paper shows White House prepping for health law loss

By Associated Press  |  February 27, 2015

A leading House Republican claimed Thursday that he's been told of a 100-page document showing the Obama administration is preparing contingency plans in case the Supreme Court invalidates subsidies that help millions of Americans afford healthcare coverage.

CMS says software glitch caused 800,000 faulty IRS forms

By Virgil Dickson  |  February 26, 2015

A software malfunction caused more than 800,000 enrollees to receive incorrect information on tax forms intended to help them determine if the subsidies they collected were too large or too small, an Obama administration official said Thursday.

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