Editorial: Bad advice for chaotic times

Editorial: Bad advice for chaotic times

By Merrill Goozner  |  October 07, 2017

Dr. Price resigns, Las Vegas endures a massacre, Trump accuses Puerto Rican officials of playing politics, and its easy to think there is nothing to be done, but that is not true.

Las Vegas hospitals must follow regular HIPAA privacy rule

Las Vegas hospitals must follow regular HIPAA privacy rule

By Rachel Z. Arndt  |  October 02, 2017

The HIPAA privacy rule allows providers to disclose protected health information under certain circumstances, such as when public safety is threatened. But local hospitals will have to be careful, especially with so many requests for information from families, friends, and the media.

Nurses taking non-emergency medical calls at Vegas dispatch

By Associated Press  |  September 18, 2017

Eight registered nurses staff a new hotline in Las Vegas where some minor medical calls are routed. The pilot program kicked off in July with a $300,000 budget for training and pay for nurses who work one day a week.

New deal provides healthcare coverage for rural Nevada

By Associated Press  |  August 16, 2017

The deal with Centene Corp. in partnership with the Nevada-based Hometown Health will help ensure coverage is available to all Nevadans, after Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield pulled out of the state's healthcare exchange.

Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital faces lawsuit over patient-dumping practices

By Maria Castellucci  |  December 27, 2016

The plaintiffs allege that they were given anti-psychotic medication before they were discharged from Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas. They were allegedly driven to a bus station and were given pre-paid tickets. Rawson-Neal was sued in 2014 for alleged patient-dumping tactics.

Other healthcare initiatives on state ballots

By Maria Castellucci  |  October 22, 2016

Health systems are asking California voters to approve Proposition 52, which would permanently extend Medi-Cal's hospital fee program. The fees paid by hospitals generate billions in federal matching funds that subsidize healthcare services for children, seniors and low-income citizens.


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