Innovations | IT firm lets providers share clinical protocols

Innovations | IT firm lets providers share clinical protocols

By Darius Tahir  |  March 07, 2015

Apervita CEO Paul Magelli had quadruple bypass surgery at the Mayo Clinic nine years ago and felt he wanted to pay Mayo back for saving his life. He thinks he's doing that by helping disseminate Mayo's clinical knowledge—along with similar “big data” tools from other prestigious...

Why are hospitals using Apple's HealthKit? It's simple

Why are hospitals using Apple's HealthKit? It's simple

By Darius Tahir  |  February 05, 2015

History just might repeat itself when it comes to Apple's HealthKit. If the tech giant triumphs in the healthcare marketplace, it would be yet another example of it perfecting a nascent technology that its competitors had brought to market first.

Proposed regulation of lab tests draws mixed reviews at workshop

By Jaimy Lee  |  January 09, 2015

Advocates of FDA regulation say some patients have been harmed by poor oversight of the clinical service sector, which provides thousands of tests to healthcare providers every day. Critics say it would raise costs and potentially limit patient access.

Healthcare startup raises $18 million from Baird, GE, Pritzker

By John Pletz, Crain's Chicago Business  |  January 07, 2015

For virtually every consumer challenge, need or desire, there's an app. And in healthcare, there are lines of code or procedures to do everything from manage sepsis to identify patients at risk for diabetes. But there hasn't been the equivalent of an app store.

Mayo Clinic expands kiosk virtual-visit pilot to local school

By Darius Tahir  |  December 30, 2014

The Mayo Clinic has announced it is extending its virtual-visit pilot program by putting kiosks in a public school in its home state of Minnesota. The kiosks allow patients to visit with a physician via a video hookup, and to interact with the physician through built-in medical devices such as an...

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