Republicans file their suit against the Affordable Care Act

By Lisa Schencker  |  November 21, 2014

The lawsuit, filed against the secretaries of HHS and the U.S. Treasury, contests President Barack Obama's decision to waive the healthcare law's employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it without first receiving congressional approval for the change.

Another $2 billion-plus year for DOJ healthcare recoveries

Another $2 billion-plus year for DOJ healthcare recoveries

By Lisa Schencker  |  November 20, 2014

The Justice Department recovered $2.3 billion from alleged healthcare fraud schemes in fiscal 2014, down slightly from the $2.6 million it collected the year before, it announced Thursday morning.

Challenge to Obamacare on contraceptives rejected

Challenge to Obamacare on contraceptives rejected

By Associated Press  |  November 14, 2014

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a path devised by the Obama administration that allows religious nonprofit groups to avoid paying for contraception under the president's healthcare law.

Devicemaker faces federal charges for varicose vein treatments

By Lisa Schencker  |  November 13, 2014

A medical device company and its CEO were charged Thursday with selling products designed to treat varicose veins without Food and Drug Administration approval, and then trying to illegally hide those sales from the government, the U.S. Justice Department announced.

D.C. court puts aside premium subsidy case, awaits Supreme Court ruling

By John N. Frank  |  November 12, 2014

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit postponed arguments in Halbig v. Burwell in light of the Supreme Court's decision to take up whether people who bought coverage from a federally run marketplace qualify for subsidies.

Ebola victim Duncan's family settles with Texas Health

By Lisa Schencker  |  November 12, 2014

The family of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has settled with the Dallas hospital that misdiagnosed him and sent him home the first time he sought care there, a lawyer for the family announced Wednesday.

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