Doctors, insurers flock to Medicare's cancer payment demo despite questions

By Bob Herman  |  June 29, 2016

Seventeen private health insurance companies and more than 3,200 oncologists working in almost 200 medical groups will participate in the federal government's new cancer care project, but critics argue the program may not easily lower costs or reduce unnecessary and potentially harmful care.

CMS defends Medicare Part B proposal

CMS defends Medicare Part B proposal

By Shannon Muchmore  |  June 28, 2016

The proposal to change the way doctors are reimbursed for prescribing outpatient drugs has been criticized by lawmakers of both parties and by multiple patient and doctor groups.

MACRA rule raises patient privacy concerns

By Virgil Dickson  |  June 28, 2016

Physicians and healthcare organizations have flooded the CMS with concerns about proposed changes in the way Medicare pays providers. They say the changes put patient data at risk and could actually push providers away from payment models meant to lower costs.

CMS proposes $180 million pay cut for home health

By Virgil Dickson and Lisa Schencker  |  June 27, 2016

Home healthcare agencies would see a 1% drop in Medicare reimbursement under a proposed rule issued Monday. The pay cut was floated the same day the U.S. Supreme Court chose not to review a federal labor rule that home health providers say is harming their businesses.

Changes loom as most-popular Medigap plans face extinction

By Bob Herman  |  June 25, 2016

A provision within the new Medicare physician payment law eliminates the most popular types of Medigap plans and therefore will lead to future Medigap enrollees paying more out of pocket for their medical care.

Editorial: Medicare Part B drug proposal deserves support

Editorial: Medicare Part B drug proposal deserves support

By Merrill Goozner  |  June 25, 2016

Medicare's first step in reining in the skyrocketing cost of specialty drugs deserves support—something it has not received from hospitals, doctors, politicians or, of course, the pharmaceutical industry, which benefits the most from the status quo.

CMS proposes $50 million payment bump for dialysis services

By Virgil Dickson  |  June 24, 2016

The CMS is proposing to increase Medicare payments for dialysis services. Under the proposed rulemaking, dialysis facilities would receive 0.5% or $50 million more in 2017 than they received in reimbursement this year.

Trustees' report says Medicare will be insolvent by 2028

Trustees' report says Medicare will be insolvent by 2028

By Virgil Dickson  |  June 22, 2016

The Medicare trust fund will be insolvent by 2028, according to the 2016 Medicare trustees' report released Wednesday. The prediction is a departure from the 2030 date the Obama administration outlined in the previous two reports.

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