Beware vaporware on value-based care

Beware vaporware on value-based care

By Merrill Goozner  |  January 31, 2015

The dictionary defines vaporware as a product that has been widely advertised but has not and may never become available. Last week's twin announcements on the imminent move to widespread value-based reimbursement in healthcare bring the concept to mind.

Where healthcare is now on march to value-based pay

Where healthcare is now on march to value-based pay

By Melanie Evans and Bob Herman  |  January 28, 2015

U.S. healthcare providers and insurers start from widely divergent places as some of the largest move to put most of their business into payment models that reward lower cost and higher quality care.

Medicare's payment reform push draws praise and fears

Medicare's payment reform push draws praise and fears

By Melanie Evans and Paul Demko  |  January 26, 2015

By 2018, half of Medicare spending outside of managed care will be tied to incentives to manage quality and costs, federal officials said Monday. That was greeted with enthusiasm but also with warnings that the effort will be wasted if the new models are too weak or built on flawed measures.

Universal American still bullish on ACOs, as it exits more

By Melanie Evans  |  January 23, 2015

Insurer Universal American further scaled back its participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program in the final months of last year, exiting another six accountable care organizations. The publicly traded health insurer remains the largest single participant in the program.

Stony Brook, Southampton hospitals move closer to merger, ACO

By Adam Rubenfire  |  January 20, 2015

Stony Brook University Hospital and not-for-profit Southampton Hospital, both in New York state, are closer to a merger that has been three years in the making. The merger is a step toward creating an accountable care organization that includes both facilities, hospital officials said.

Even advanced ACOs struggle to expand model beyond Medicare

By Melanie Evans  |  January 16, 2015

By now, the accountable care organizations in the CMS Innovation Center's Pioneer ACO model were supposed to have shifted half their total business into risk-based contracts by selling the structure they honed in the federal program to Medicaid and private plans.

CMS Innovation Center has few concrete results to report

By Melanie Evans  |  December 30, 2014

The CMS Innovation Center paid $2.6 billion through September to hospitals, doctors and others through nearly two dozen programs that tested new ways to deliver healthcare and pay for it.

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