Washington State University med school bill hits snag over reproductive health

By Associated Press  |  February 08, 2015

A widely supported bill to let Washington State University open a medical school in Spokane hit a snag when a Seattle lawmaker asked the school to promise that it would not limit teaching on reproductive health or end-of-life care because of its partnerships with religious hospitals.

Colorado rejects right-to-die legislation

By Associated Press  |  February 07, 2015

Colorado lawmakers rejected a proposal to give dying patients the option to seek doctors' help ending their lives, concluding a long day of emotional testimony from more than 100 people.

GOP lawmakers: Scrap Obama health law, use tax credits

By Associated Press  |  February 05, 2015

Three Republican lawmakers are proposing tax credits and greater leeway for states and health insurers as the GOP unveils its first plan this year for repealing and replacing President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul.

House votes to repeal healthcare law

By Associated Press  |  February 03, 2015

The Republican-controlled House has once again voted along party lines to repeal the healthcare law that stands as President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement.

Obama's 2016 budget cuts Medicare but eliminates sequestration

Obama's 2016 budget cuts Medicare but eliminates sequestration

By Bob Herman  |  February 02, 2015

President Barack Obama's budget proposal would slash more than $415 billion in Medicare funding over the next 10 years—largely echoing previous editions—and he inserted several provisions that would advance the administration's effort to move Medicare to value-based payments.

Drive to repeal medical device tax no slam dunk in Congress

By Associated Press  |  January 31, 2015

It flew through the Republican-run House in 2012, and a year later 79 of the Democratic-led Senate's 100 members embraced it. With Republicans now controlling both chambers of Congress, the chances for repealing the 2.3% tax on medical devices are better than ever, but it won't be easy.

Dems balk on medical technology bill

By Darius Tahir  |  January 28, 2015

Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee have withdrawn support from legislation that would loosen regulatory requirements on a broad range of new healthcare technologies, sources close to the legislative discussions say.

Medicare prescription-drug rebate debate flares ahead of budget battle

By Paul Demko  |  January 27, 2015

Nearly 400 organizations are opposing proposals to compel drug companies to give Medicare rebates for prescriptions dispensed to low-income beneficiaries. On Tuesday, they sent a letter to House members warning that such a change could increase premium costs by 20% to 40% for seniors and even limit...

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