Child being monitored in Chicago for Ebola infection

By Adam Rubenfire  |  December 19, 2014

A child is under observation for Ebola infection at the University of Chicago Medical Center after presenting with a fever during screening at the city's O'Hare International Airport.

Deplaning in Va. delayed while Ebola scare checked

By Associated Press  |  December 13, 2014

Passengers disembarking from a commercial flight in Richmond, Virginia, on Friday were delayed by about an hour while authorities ruled out Ebola as a cause of a fellow passenger's symptoms.

Congress moves to pass budget and avert shutdown

Congress moves to pass budget and avert shutdown

By Paul Demko  |  December 13, 2014

Rushing to avoid another government shutdown, the House narrowly passed a $1.1 trillion discretionary-spending budget last week to keep almost all of the federal government funded through September. At deadline Friday, the Senate had not yet voted on the bill but was expected to approve it.

Ebola czar Klain's efforts hailed by health experts, questioned by others

Ebola czar Klain's efforts hailed by health experts, questioned by others

By Virgil Dickson  |  December 09, 2014

The U.S. government is in a much better place organizationally to battle the Ebola virus than it was just a few months ago and departing Ebola czar Ron Klain played a significant part in that progress, public health experts say. The Capitol Hill view of Klain is a bit different on the Republican...

Burwell moves to encourage Ebola vaccine development, use

By Steven Ross Johnson  |  December 09, 2014

The drugmakers of three potential vaccines in development against the Ebola virus will be immune from legal liability related to their production, testing or distribution, federal officials announced Tuesday.

Texas doctor doesn't recall parts of conversation with Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan

By Steven Ross Johnson  |  December 08, 2014

The Dallas emergency department physician who initially treated Thomas Eric Duncan has acknowledged mistakes were made that led the hospital to miss that Duncan was infected with Ebola. The doctor said, however, that Duncan's care was “appropriate" based on the information he knew at the time.

Dallas officials say Ebola response cost $155,000

By Associated Press  |  December 04, 2014

Officials say the emergency response to the Ebola crisis in Dallas cost the city about $155,000, including nearly $27,000 to care for the dog of a nurse infected with the virus.

Ebola scare boosts business for Alabama company

By Associated Press  |  November 30, 2014

The Ebola scare has subsided in the United States, at least temporarily, but an Alabama manufacturer is still trying to catch up with a glut of orders for gear to protect against the disease.

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