Some Medicare enrollees are accidentally getting marketplace tax credits

By Virgil Dickson  |  September 14, 2016

The CMS says some Medicare beneficiaries are receiving tax credits to purchase insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. The agency is warning them to cancel their exchange coverage immediately and pay back the credit they've received.

Clinton could face mounting problem with health overhaul

Clinton could face mounting problem with health overhaul

By Associated Press  |  August 29, 2016

With the hourglass running out for his administration, President Barack Obama's healthcare law is struggling in many parts of the country. Double-digit premium increases and exits by big-name insurers have caused some to wonder whether "Obamacare" will go down as a failed experiment.

HHS finalizes transgender anti-discrimination rule

HHS finalizes transgender anti-discrimination rule

By Virgil Dickson  |  May 14, 2016

HHS has finalized a rule that bans discrimination against transgender people throughout the healthcare system, carrying out anti-bias provisions in the Affordable Care Act. The final rule comes amid the U.S. Justice Department's heated fight against a North Carolina law.

CMS delays star ratings for plans

By Virgil Dickson  |  May 04, 2016

The CMS has delayed plans to roll out a star-rating system intended to help consumers make informed health coverage decisions when shopping on

What UnitedHealth's retreat says about the ACA marketplaces

What UnitedHealth's retreat says about the ACA marketplaces

By Bob Herman  |  April 23, 2016

UnitedHealth Group's decision to pull out of most of the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges created a big headache for the Obama administration, but the reality of the situation is a lot more nuanced than it might appear.

Security flaws found in three state health insurance websites

By Associated Press  |  April 08, 2016

Federal investigators found significant cybersecurity weaknesses in the health insurance websites of California, Kentucky and Vermont that could enable hackers to get their hands on sensitive personal information about hundreds of thousands of people. And some of those flaws have yet to be fixed.

Health law fines double for many uninsured at tax time

By Associated Press  |  March 08, 2016

Many people who went without health insurance last year are now seeing fines more than double under the Affordable Care Act, tax preparation company H&R Block said Tuesday. Among its customers who owe a penalty for the 2015 tax year, the average fine is $383, compared with $172 for 2014.

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