Looking for hot spots in the liability danger zone

By Sabriya Rice  |  January 16, 2016

For years, physician practices looking to lower their malpractice claims failed to tackle internal quality problems until they were hit with a huge settlement. That invariably meant they focused only on those particular situations. But now they're taking a much wider view.

Blog: OB-GYNs and surgeons most likely to be sued, survey finds

By Sabriya Rice  |  December 09, 2015

A survey of more than 4,000 U.S. primary-care physicians found that 59% had been named in at least one malpractice lawsuit in their career. Obstetricians, gynecologists and surgeons were the specialists most likely to be sued, according to a Medscape report.

Editorial: Diagnosing Wisely

Editorial: Diagnosing Wisely

By Merrill Goozner  |  September 26, 2015

Despite its title, “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care,” you have to dig deep into the Institute of Medicine's first-ever report on the problem of misdiagnosed patients to find proposals that will have an immediate impact on the problem.

Medical liability insurers see reduced premium revenue

By Michael Sandler  |  September 19, 2015

Medical liability insurers continued to face a sluggish market, with direct premium collections down for the second straight year in 2014, according to a Modern Healthcare review of data supplied by A.M. Best Co.

Hospitals slow to adopt patient apology policies

Hospitals slow to adopt patient apology policies

By Sabriya Rice  |  August 15, 2015

Deaths, whether inevitable or caused by preventable medical errors, happen daily at most hospitals. But few have adopted best practices for handling complaints or even questions from family members and caregivers, whose first and understandable reaction often starts with the word “why.”

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