CDC steps up battle to squash superbugs in nursing homes

CDC steps up battle to squash superbugs in nursing homes

By Aurora Aguilar  |  September 15, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new recommendations Tuesday to help nursing homes combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The CDC says up to 75% of antibiotics prescribed in nursing homes are given incorrectly.

Vaccines move to Ebola frontline

By BBC  |  January 09, 2015

Two promising Ebola vaccines will soon be tried on the frontline of the epidemic in West Africa, the World Health Organization has announced. Trials in limited numbers of volunteers suggest the vaccines are safe and can generate an immune response.

N.Y. telehealth bill signed, bringing distance care to many

By Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times  |  January 09, 2015

Legislation that expands the availability of telehealth services and requires insurers to cover the costs of those services has been signed into law by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Poll: Most Americans would share health data for research

By NPR  |  January 09, 2015

Americans, by and large, don't seem all that worried about what happens to the information in their medical records. An NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll found that data privacy didn't appear to bother most respondents. Privacy worries ran highest for information held by health insurers, but...

Docs suggest HPV screening first for cervical cancer

By Reuters  |  January 09, 2015

Two medical organizations have recommended testing for the human papillomavirus to screen women for cervical cancer before using a Papanicolaou—or Pap—smear for screening.

Feds: Utah will not get Medicaid work requirement

By Associated Press  |  January 08, 2015

Utah will still not be allowed to require Medicaid recipients to work, even though the president has offered Utah Gov. Gary Herbert more flexibility on the issue, federal officials said Wednesday.

California health officials link measles outbreak to Disneyland

By Reuters  |  January 08, 2015

Nine cases of measles have been confirmed in people who visited Disneyland or its adjacent California Adventure park in late December, state health officials said on Wednesday, urging anyone who may have been exposed to contact a doctor.

North Carolina Blue Cross unveils online cost calculator

By News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)  |  January 08, 2015

The state’s largest health insurer has unveiled an online cost tool that exposes wide disparities in billing patterns among North Carolina’s doctors and hospitals.

FDA clears wider use of rapid test for influenza

By Reuters  |  January 07, 2015

As the U.S. grapples with a flu season that has killed 21 people so far, the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday cleared the way for greater use of a molecular test designed to quickly detect the presence of the virus in a nasal swab.

From a pile of dirt, hope for a powerful new antibiotic

By New York Times  |  January 07, 2015

An unusual method for producing antibiotics may help to solve an urgent global problem: the rise in infections that resist treatment with commonly used drugs, and the lack of new antibiotics to replace ones that no longer work.

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